Pipedrive Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons (2024)

Pipedrive is a dynamic customer relationship management (CRM) tool that turbocharges your sales processes and spices up client interactions. This nifty tool makes tracking client chats, property listings, and deal milestones a breeze and automates mundane tasks so you can boost your efficiency and have more fun selling. My review explores several critical aspects of Pipedrive, including usability, customization, integration, support, and pricing. If you’re ready to elevate your real estate business, jump into my Pipedrive review below.


  • Free trial available
  • Customizable dashboard and pipeline capabilities
  • Strong automation capabilities handling repetitive tasks
  • Integrates seamlessly with a wide range of tools and apps
  • Cost can add up when including additional features
  • No listing management features
  • Intuitiveness in setting up can have a learning curve
  • Low customer ratings compared to other real estate CRMs
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General features:
Additional features:
Ease of use:
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My Verdict on Pipedrive & Why You Should Trust It 

I based my Pipedrive review on extensive research, including user reviews, expert opinions, and comparisons with similar CRM tools on the market. I spend considerable time understanding the nuances of CRM tools like Pipedrive, examining their features, pricing, user interface (UI), and how well they integrate with other software commonly used in the real estate sector. 

Pipedrive stands out for its affordability, especially with the basic monthly plan that offers significant value for cost-conscious real estate agents. The platform’s accessibility across mobile, tablet, and desktop caters to professionals who need flexibility, enabling work from virtually anywhere while maintaining consistent access to crucial tools and information. Additionally, the option to try Pipedrive before committing financially allows users to assess its fit for their specific needs without risk. 

However, one limitation is the lack of dedicated listing management solutions, which could streamline operations further and avoid the need for multiple platforms. This absence might require agents to rely on additional platforms to handle listing management, potentially complicating their workflow.

Pipedrive Alternatives

Real estate professionals may explore alternatives to Pipedrive for several reasons. They might need advanced features like property listing management, which Pipedrive lacks. Others may require a CRM that better supports scaling with business growth or more cost-effective options that offer similar functionalities. Additionally, preferences for a more intuitive platform setup may cause agents to find a real estate CRM that better suits their needs. Here are a few that I recommend looking at:

SoftwareWhy It’s a Great AlternativeLearn MoreReady to
wiseagent logoMarketing automation features designed specifically for real estate professionalsWise Agent ReviewVisit Wise Agent
Follow Up Boss logoExcels at converting leads into sales with its powerful follow-up toolsFollow Up Boss ReviewVisit Follow Up Boss
Real estate CRM tool IXACT Contact logoOffers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the complexities of using a CRMIXACT Contact ReviewVisit IXACT Contact

SoftwareWhy It’s a Great AlternativeLearn MoreReady to
wiseagent logoMarketing automation features specifically designed for real estate professionalsWise Agent ReviewVisit Wise Agent
Follow Up Boss logoExcels at converting leads into sales with its powerful follow-up toolsFollow Up Boss ReviewVisit Follow Up Boss
Real estate CRM tool IXACT Contact logoOffers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the complexities of using a CRMIXACT Contact ReviewVisit IXACT Contact

What Current Users Think of Pipedrive

Pipedrive has received strong endorsements from users, scoring an impressive 4.5 out of 5 on GetApp. This high rating reflects its effectiveness and user satisfaction. The Pipedrive reviews often praise its ability to streamline complex sales processes and enhance team productivity, making it a highly recommended tool for businesses looking to optimize their sales. Here are some example reviews that provide a clearer picture of what new users can expect:

It can generate a good sales funnel and the best thing is the follow-up of leads to be able to follow up with potential customers. It also optimizes tasks, automates them and unifies sales processes.

For us visual people, this is the best solution. I can see exactly what’s going on in my sales channel with this easy-to-use CRM. It’s very easy to see the dashboard and move leads around.

What I like most about Pipedrive is that it is user-friendly, unlike any other software I have used. It is organized and I can search and navigate through the contacts easily. I can track sales and progress effectively, making me focus on productivity.

While many users have shared positive experiences, it’s important also to consider the challenges noted in some Pipedrive reviews. One recurring theme among the less favorable feedback focuses on the platform’s customer service.

After the sale, there is no service. You’re on your own to onboard your team on the product, customer service is nonexistent.

Key Features of Pipedrive

Equipped with a robust suite of features, Pipedrive is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process significantly. From advanced lead generation tools to extensive customization options, it supports proactive sales management and client engagement. These capabilities simplify daily tasks and empower real estate professionals to achieve outstanding results. 


LeadBooster is an add-on tool within Pipedrive designed to supercharge your lead generation efforts. This feature enables you to engage with visitors in real time using chatbots, web forms, live chat, and even a Prospector tool to identify high-potential leads based on your criteria. The chatbot can qualify leads around the clock, ensuring you never miss an opportunity, while live chat lets you jump in when a personal touch is needed. 

Graphic of a chat window showcasing client interaction
Lead booster chatbot (Source: Pipedrive)

Email Segmentation

Email segmentation in Pipedrive allows you to tailor your communication based on specific criteria, such as lead source, deal stage, or previous interactions. By segmenting your email lists, you can send highly targeted messages more likely to resonate with recipients. This capability leads to better engagement rates and more effective marketing campaigns. Whether nurturing leads through third-party companies or closing deals, email segmentation helps ensure that the right messages reach the right people at the right time.

Graphic illustrating ability to select specific email contacts
Contact filtering (Source: Pipedrive)

Over 300 Integrations

One of Pipedrive’s strengths is its capability to integrate with more than 300 different apps and services. This vast range of integrations includes everything from marketing automation tools and email platforms to financial software and customer support apps. Whether you need to sync your real estate CRM with email marketing tools, accounting software, or lead generation apps, Pipedrive’s extensive integration options facilitate a cohesive and streamlined operation.

Twelve logos for some of the available integrations with Pipedrive
Some available integrations (Source: Pipedrive)

Web Visitor Tracking

Another powerful feature offered by Pipedrive is web visitor tracking.  It allows you to see which companies and individuals are visiting your website and what actions they are taking. This information is crucial for understanding visitor behavior and optimizing sales and marketing strategies. By identifying who is interested in your products or services, you can proactively reach out with tailored solutions, increasing the likelihood of conversion. Additionally, this feature helps prioritize follow-ups based on the visitor’s engagement level and potential interest.

Graphic of laptop with magnifying glass and footprints across computer screen
Website visitor tracking (Source: Pipedrive)

Documents & Templates

Pipedrive’s documents and templates feature is designed to streamline document handling and proposal creation within the CRM. Quickly generate quotes, proposals, and contracts using customizable templates that automatically populate with deal and contact data from your CRM. This feature not only saves time but also reduces the potential for errors. Having all your documents organized and accessible within the CRM enhances team members’ collaboration and improves the sales process’s overall efficiency.

Screenshot of smart documents allowing autofill of client name
Smart docs (Source: Pipedrive)

Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive’s pricing is structured to accommodate a range of business sizes and needs, ensuring there is a plan suitable for everyone from solo realtors to large agencies. The accompanying table details the various pricing tiers available. Each level offers different features designed to match different users’ specific requirements and budgets.

Pricing per month, billed annually$14$29$49$64$99
Free trial
Lead management
Two-way email syncX
Automatic lead assignmentXX
Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered assistantXX
Security alertsXXXX


At The Close, our skilled team of data analysts, writers, and editors carefully assesses each CRM platform, developing a comprehensive scoring system tailored for real estate professionals. Our experts are devoted to delivering in-depth reviews, serving as a crucial guide through the complex solutions available in the real estate industry.

With a solid commitment to advancing the field, we aim to provide valuable insights that help agents and brokers make informed decisions, optimize their workflows, and enhance their performance in the competitive real estate landscape. This dedication ensures that our readers receive the most reliable and actionable information to succeed.

How we came up with our Pipedrive CRM review: 

  • Advanced CRM Features 25%
    • This category includes sophisticated functionalities, such as team management tools, document handling, mobile apps, enhanced marketing tools, social media integrations, and comprehensive reporting and analytics.
  • Value for Money 20%
    • We meticulously examined each CRM’s pricing structures, subscription plans, and availability of free trials and bulk discounts.
  • General CRM Features 20%
    • The team considered basic features, such as contact management, text and email capabilities, task management, task reminders and notifications, lead management, pipeline or dashboard customizability, audience segmentation, transaction management, and integrations.
  • Ease of Use 10%
    • I assessed the UI, level of customization, and ease of operation and setup for each CRM.
  • Customer Rating 10%
    • The reputation of each real estate CRM software was evaluated by considering feedback from verified users.
  • Expert Score 10%
    • At The Close, we meticulously review each top real estate CRM, assessing standout features, additional considerations, and the value proposition from the perspective of real estate experts.
  • Help & Support 5%
    • If real estate agents require additional assistance, access to customer services, such as live chat, phone support, and email assistance is essential. 

Read more about our methodology here.


The Bottom Line: Is Pipedrive Worth Your Money? 

Let me tell you, Pipedrive shines with its slick interface, top-notch automation tools, and killer integration options. Rated as the number one real estate CRM from our team of experts, it checks all the right boxes with its transparent pricing and options for scaling up. It’s a powerhouse for managing clients and deals efficiently. Although Pipedrive falls short in providing specialized property listing management, its other features make the lack of an all-in-one solution more manageable. 

While the basic plan might leave the enterprise crowd wanting more, the range of plans available and transparently listed on their website is likely an ideal fit for you. If you’re all about getting your client and deal management on point and can work around the property listing hiccup, jumping on the Pipedrive bandwagon could be a smart move for your business.

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