Lofty CRM Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons (2024)

Lofty, formerly Chime, is your all-in-one real estate management buddy, blending top-notch customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities with powerful marketing and lead generation tools. Combining CRM functions with advanced marketing and lead generation tools zaps away mundane tasks with its automation superpowers and keeps your leads hot. I’ve researched Lofty’s features, ease of use, support network, and value factor with a fine-tooth comb. Jump into my in-depth exploration of Lofty and see how it can turn your daily grind into smooth sailing.

Lofty CRM

  • Allows for customization to suit specific business needs
  • Offers customized IDX websites
  • Automates repetitive tasks
  • Provides analytics and reporting tools
  • Can be expensive for small businesses
  • Mastering all features may be complex
  • Customer service is not offered 24/7
  • No free trial offered
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My Verdict on Lofty & Why You Should Trust It 

I’ve spent considerable time exploring and understanding various tools critical for success in the real estate industry. Lofty CRM impresses with its integration of CRM with advanced marketing tools and lead generation capabilities, making it a powerhouse for managing client relationships and driving sales. Its automation features are particularly beneficial, helping users save time and focus more on closing deals rather than managing data.

However, Lofty is not without its drawbacks. The Lofty CRM cost can be quite an investment, especially for smaller agencies or independent realtors. The learning curve can also be steep for the price of the platform. These factors might deter those who are not tech-savvy or need more resources to integrate such a comprehensive system into their workflow fully. Overall, Lofty stands out as a valuable tool for real estate professionals looking to elevate their business efficiency and client engagement. 

Lofty CRM Alternatives

When considering alternatives to a product like Lofty CRM, real estate professionals might seek different options for several reasons. Cost-effectiveness is a key factor, especially for smaller businesses or solo practitioners with tighter budgets who may prefer a more affordable solution. Others might look for a real estate CRM with features more specifically aligned to their unique business needs, avoiding the complexity of such a robust platform like Lofty. Here are some of your options:

ProductsWhy It’s a Great AlternativeLearn MoreReady to Purchase?
wiseagent logoThe affordability allows agents to manage client relationships economicallyWise Agent ReviewVisit Wise Agent
realvolve logo.A free trial lets prospective users explore features without initial investmentRealvolve ReviewVisit Realvolve
pipedrive logo.A simple interface reduces the learning curve for new usersNo Review YetVisit Pipedrive

ProductsWhy It’s a Great AlternativeLearn MoreReady to Purchase?
wiseagent logoThe affordability allows agents to manage client relationships economicallyWise Agent ReviewVisit Wise Agent
realvolve logo.A free trial lets prospective users explore features without initial investmentRealvolve ReviewVisit Realvolve
pipedrive logo.A simple interface reduces the learning curve for new usersNo Review YetVisit Pipedrive

What Current Users Think of Lofty

With a significant presence in the real estate CRM tool market, evidenced by an impressive 4.4 out of 5 rating on G2, Lofty is highly regarded by users. This underscores the platform’s effectiveness and satisfaction level among real estate professionals. We’ve gathered several reviews from real estate professionals with firsthand experience with the platform to provide a clearer picture of what Lofty can offer. 

I really like how customizable and robust the system is. It seems like the team has thought of almost every tool you need as a real estate professional and has put it into one product. The ease in using AI within the system has been a gamechanger for our team marketing. I loved that when we joined, our sites were pre-made so we only had to do minor changes throughout. I also love the weekly training webinars! Very helpful.

I like being able to have a lot of the lead information available in an easy to read/locate format. Enjoy the text feature is a nice way to stay organized in one location. Especially since I get so many texts a day in general to my cell phone, at least this way it does not get deleted. Also the customer support is great and usually get a fast response to help solve the issue.

I like that I can customize it the way I work. It’s easy to navigate and feels fairly intuitive.

Alongside the positive feedback, there are also some critical reviews. These negative reviews primarily focus on aspects of user support that some find lacking. 

Chime’s customer service SUCKS. If they ever bother to respond to an email or chat or pick up the phone, it’s doubtful they’ll actually solve the problem.

Key Features of Lofty

Lofty’s suite of powerful tools is tailored to meet the demands of today’s real estate professionals. Designed to simplify workflows and enhance efficiency, Lofty delivers innovative solutions that help users easily manage their business operations. Whether you are looking to improve client interactions or streamline daily tasks, Lofty CRM equips you with the necessary resources to thrive in a competitive market.

Check out a quick overview of Lofty’s platform:

Google PPC Integration

Lofty integrates Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising tools, allowing real estate professionals to target potential clients effectively by placing ads on Google’s search results pages. With this feature, users can bid on keywords pertinent to their market, ensuring ads reach potential clients precisely when searching for real estate services. These ads will then attract leads using intent targeting and artificial intelligence (AI)  to drive web traffic to your website.

Google pay per click text ad example
Google PPC ads (Source: Lofty)

Enhanced Brand Advertising

Through Lofty, real estate businesses can leverage brand advertising capabilities to build and reinforce their identity and market presence. This feature utilizes various media channels like Facebook, Google, and Instagram to help enhance brand awareness and establish a strong, recognizable presence. This strategic approach is vital for differentiating your business in a competitive market, attracting Lofty real estate leads, and retaining customers by effectively communicating your core values and brand promise.

Advertisment example on Facebook
Branding ads (Source: Lofty)

Streamlined Website Building

Lofty includes a website builder tailored for the real estate sector. It offers customizable templates and simple drag-and-drop interfaces, ensuring that even users without technical skills can create professional-looking websites. With features like mobile-responsive designs and built-in SEO tools, real estate professionals can effectively showcase their properties and enhance online visibility to attract potential clients.

An IDX website example showcasing a modern home on tablet and mobile
IDX website (Source: Lofty)

Automated Phone Dialer

The phone dialer feature within Lofty automates the process of making calls, significantly benefiting real estate agents who need to manage numerous client interactions efficiently. This technology saves time by removing the need for manual dialing and integrates seamlessly with Lofty’s CRM. The integration provides smart call lists, actionable insights, and phone scripts to boost productivity and ensure thorough lead follow-up.

Screenshot of phone dialer interface with calling script
Power dialer interface (Source: Lofty)

AI Assistant Capabilities

Lofty’s AI assistant uses artificial intelligence to automate and enhance various tasks, such as responding to text messages, setting appointments, and sending important notifications. This assistant is capable of handling inquiries, generating leads, and assisting with data management, allowing agents to focus more on strategic activities like closing deals and nurturing client relationships. Lofty’s AI assistant enhances overall customer satisfaction and business effectiveness by improving operational efficiency and offering quicker, more personalized client interactions.

Text conversation with client using AI responses
Lofty’s AI-assisted texting (Source: Lofty)

Lofty Pricing

In my Lofty CRM review, I found Lofty provides three main packages designed to cater to businesses of varying sizes, from individual agents to large brokerages. Each package is strategically priced to deliver value while accommodating the diverse needs of different real estate professionals. Lofty CRM pricing also includes a one-time implementation fee and offers options for further customization of services. 

Below is a detailed breakdown of the pricing for each package. It’s important to note that specific pricing details are not listed on the Lofty website, and no free trial is offered. Agents interested in exploring Lofty’s capabilities are encouraged to contact the company directly for a demonstration.

Monthly Base Price$449 + $15$700$1500
One time fee$500$1000$2000
User count per month$15 per extra user15 users + $25 per extra user100 users + $12 per extra user


Our team, consisting of experienced data analysts, writers, and editors, meticulously evaluates each platform to create a detailed scoring system for assessing different real estate CRMs. At The Close, our dedicated experts are committed to providing thorough reviews, an essential resource for real estate professionals. These evaluations help navigate the varied landscape of solutions and technologies available in the real estate sector.

Driven by a profound dedication to progressing the industry, our goal is to deliver insights that enable agents and brokers to make well-informed choices, streamline their operations, and ultimately increase their effectiveness and success in the highly competitive real estate market.

How we provided the Lofty CRM review: 

  • Advanced CRM Features 25%
    • This category includes sophisticated functionalities such as team management tools, document handling, mobile apps, enhanced marketing tools, social media integrations, and comprehensive reporting and analytics.
  • Value for Money 20%
    • We meticulously examined each CRM’s pricing structures, subscription plans, and availability of free trials and bulk discounts.
  • General CRM Features 20%
    • The team considered basic features such as contact management, text and email capabilities, task management, task reminders and notifications, lead management, pipeline or dashboard customizability, audience segmentation, transaction management, and integrations.
    • Ease of Use 10%
    • I assessed the user interface, level of customization, and ease of operation and setup for each CRM.
  • Customer Rating 10%
    • The reputation of each real estate CRM software was evaluated by considering feedback from verified users.
  • Expert Score 10%
    • At The Close, we meticulously review each top real estate CRM, assessing standout features, additional considerations, and the value proposition from the perspective of real estate experts.
  • Help & Support 5%
    • If real estate agents require additional assistance, access to customer services such as live chat, phone support, and email assistance is essential. 

Read more about our methodology here.


The Bottom Line: Is Lofty Worth Your Money? 

I’m a fan of all the tools that Lofty offers. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife in your business toolbox! It streamlines our chaotic days and keeps agents ahead of the competition. With its comprehensive features, from automated dialing to detailed analytics, Lofty simplifies workflow and enhances the effectiveness of our marketing and client management strategies.

That said, Lofty does come with its own set of challenges. The support could be snappier, and the rich feature set comes with a learning curve that might intimidate newcomers. So, should you invest? If you’re geared up to elevate your real estate game and need a real estate CRM that can keep pace, Lofty is a sound investment. It’s ideal for those looking to optimize their business and drive results.

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