Agently Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons (2024)

Agently is like your modern real estate coach equipped with an innovative toolkit to streamline operations and maximize agents’ productivity. Agently’s capabilities to store customizable onboarding checklists and training modules and track financial goals make it easy for brokers to support their team’s professional development. I have researched Agently, scrutinized current Agently reviews, and tested its platform to outline its key features, evaluate pricing, weigh its pros and cons, and tell you whether it’s worth your money. Let’s jump in!

Agently Pros & Cons

Agently ProsAgently Cons

  • Offers a 7-day free trial
  • Automated agent onboarding and coaching
  • Financial goal setting and tracking
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered listing builder
  • 1,000+ free stunning social media templates
  • Exclusive buyer and seller lead ads
  • Human phone and email support (no chatbots)

  • Not great for more experienced agents or bigger brokerages
  • Brokers have to input their specific training courses manually
  • Pricey for solo agents

My Verdict on Agently & Why You Should Trust It

With my extensive research experience in various real estate topics, I can provide readers with a thorough analysis of Agently’s platform and features—objectively highlighting its strengths and limitations. My commitment to honesty and transparency at The Close guarantees that my Agently reviews will provide valuable insights into your decision-making process.

Agently goes beyond traditional real estate management and lead generation platforms by offering robust coaching and training features to support brokerage owners and agents. With Agently, brokerage owners can streamline agent operations, including the onboarding process and training courses. 

This approach to agent development enhances productivity and fosters a culture of continuous improvement within small brokerages. Therefore, Agently is an ideal choice for solo agents or small teams searching for a modern, user-friendly solution to streamline their operations and empower their teams.

Agently Alternatives

While Agently is a great platform for professionals looking to maximize efficiency, other platforms better suit agents’ and brokerages’ budgets and real estate needs. Agents and brokers looking for budget-friendly solutions might feel like Agently is too pricey, and those seeking instant customer support might find that Agently’s support team takes too long to respond. Here are some alternatives worth considering.

PlatformWhy It’s a Great AlternativeLearn MoreReady to Purchase?
The logo of RadiusIt’s a real estate company providing coaching, branding assistance, and a community of 80,000 agents.No review yetVisit Radius Agent
The logo of rechatIt has a transaction management feature and can integrate with more platforms for a more efficient workflow.No review yetVisit Rechat
LionDesk logoIt’s a customer relationship manager (CRM) that boasts strong automation and lead nurturing tools.LionDesk reviewVisit LionDesk

PlatformWhy It’s a Great AlternativeLearn MoreReady to Purchase?
The logo of RadiusIt’s a real estate company providing coaching, branding assistance, and a community of 80,000 agents.No review yetVisit Radius Agent
The logo of rechatIt has a transaction management feature and can integrate with more platforms for a more efficient workflow.No review yetVisit Rechat
LionDesk logoIt’s a customer relationship manager (CRM) that boasts strong automation and lead nurturing tools.LionDesk reviewVisit LionDesk

Agently Reviews: What Current Users Think of Agently

There aren’t many third-party Agently reviews yet, as Agently is still fairly new to the game. However, the feedback from early users has been positive, with many praising Agently’s interface and features. While Agently may be relatively new, its growing user base suggests a promising future for this real estate management market player. Below are some Agently reviews:


“All in all, it’s the software’s simple goal setting and ability to serve as a daily activity check-in that, to me, offer the most value. A lot of big, broad enterprise business systems and CRMs offer agent-specific goal setting and tracking, but they’re not designed specifically around the newly licensed agent. This is meant for them, for the agents that need direction.” — Inman


“The AI powered property description generator is a game-changer. You just fill out the required info about your new listing, like the price and number of bedrooms, etc. The generator will then allow you to click through several options to find the description that best fits the property.” — Agent Advice

Key Features of Agently

In this section, let’s take a closer look at Agently’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Agently Dashboard

Agently’s dashboard is a centralized hub for real estate brokers and agents to manage their activities efficiently. Upon logging in, brokers are greeted with a clean, intuitive interface, offering at-a-glance insights into engagement, training, accountability, and recognition. Solo agents, on the other hand, are welcomed with today’s tasks, challenges, their goal tracker on the right, and training courses assigned to them.

Agently broker's dashboard on a screen.
A team leader or brokerage owner’s dashboard (Source: Agently)
What solo agent's see upon logging into Agently - today's tasks, goal tracker, and training courses to be completed.
A solo agent’s dashboard (Source: Agently)

Agent Coaching & Onboarding

Agently provides comprehensive coaching and training features tailored to the needs of brokerage owners and agents. Through the platform, brokers can do the following:

  • Create personalized onboarding checklists, guiding new agents through tasks such as downloading onboarding videos and documents, familiarizing themselves with brokerage manuals, and updating their real estate agent bios
  • Upload and receive documents requiring agents’ signatures
  • Provide access to various training materials, such as legal, marketing, and sales training videos
  • Create coaching challenges to motivate agents and enhance sales productivity
Screenshot of Agently's main coaching track.
Agently’s training tab (Source: Agently)

Goal Setting

Agently offers goal setting and tracking capabilities to help agents achieve their weekly or annual goals. Agents can set specific goals, such as client acquisition milestones and sales targets. Team leaders, on the other hand, can monitor and ask agents how they’re progressing toward their goals. However, while agents can set their goals through the platform and monitor their progress, this can appear to be a competition among agents within a brokerage. 

Agently's goal and accountability tracker on a mobile device screen.
Financial goal and accountability tracker (Source: Agently)

The Hub

Agently’s Hub is a location for storing files, contracts, templates, and other assets, allowing seamless file sharing. It’s like Agently’s Google Drive, where teams can centralize important documents. Not many platforms offer storage, so this is an excellent feature from Agently.

Agently's The Hub - where all user files, links, and documents are stored.
Screenshot of The Hub (Source: Agently)

AI Marketing Suite

Agently is a great lead generation tool for agents. Agents can get buyer or seller leads by creating video posts based on Agently’s topic suggestions or creating ads and posting them directly on social media. Additionally, I’m impressed with Agently’s artificial intelligence (AI) listing builder. This tool simplifies the creation of visually appealing listings by allowing agents to upload photos, which are then enhanced using AI algorithms. Afterward, Agently generates a comprehensive MLS description that is ready to be posted.

 Agently's for sale templates.
Explore Agently’s over 1,000 ready-to-post social media templates (Source: Agently)

Agently Pricing

Agently offers transparent pricing plans to accommodate the needs of solo agents and small brokerages. If you have a limited budget as a solo agent, Agently can be cost-prohibitive. But if you’re a broker coaching many agents, you can ask your agents to pay a small charge to cover Agently’s monthly cost for brokerages or cover it from earned commission splits. 

Here are the features and benefits of each subscription plan so you can determine which best suits your business goals. If you’re still exploring other options, Agently offers a seven-day free trial.

For Solo AgentsFor Teams or Brokerages
Price$59 per month or $459 per year$279 per month
Features included

  • Daily coaching strategies
  • Exclusive buyer and seller lead ads
  • 1,000+ social media templates
  • AI-powered listing builder
  • Accountability and goal tracker

  • All-in-one management dashboard
  • Automated agent onboarding
  • Automated accountability system
  • AI-powered marketing suite
  • Real-time communications
  • Phone support
  • Productivity leaderboards


In my assessment of Agently, I conducted thorough research to ensure accuracy and reliability in the final evaluation. At The Close, we aim to guide real estate professionals in making informed decisions. We analyzed Agently’s platform, its pricing structure, features, user feedback, and reputation, and then based our Agently reviews on the following criteria:

  • Value for Money
    • I reviewed Agently’s pricing, subscription plans, and whether it offered discounts or bulk pricing. 
  • Features
    • I considered features such as its management dashboard, marketing suite, agent onboarding, listing builder, social media templates, and goal tracker.
  • User Interface
    • I evaluated Agently’s user interface, customizability, and operation ability.
  • Reputation
    • I examined Agently’s overall reputation and usability through verified user reviews.
  • Help & Support
    • Phone, email, and live chat availability were assessed for real estate agents needing support.
  • Expert Score 
    • The Close reviewed Agently for standout features, value for money, and additional considerations from a real estate agent’s perspective. 

Read more about our methodology here.


Bottom Line: Is Agently Worth Your Money?

Agently revolutionizes the way real estate brokers and agents work together. From agent management to helping agents acquire leads, Agently offers a comprehensive suite of tools to boost productivity and streamline processes. It provides essential tools for starting agents without overwhelming complexity. Additionally, Agently’s suitability for smaller brokerages lies in its tailored approach to real estate management. But while Agently excels in simplifying operations for smaller players in the industry, those seeking advanced functionalities may find other platforms better suited to their needs.

Your Take

At The Close, we’re committed to giving real estate agents solutions to your needs. Have you tried Agently? What do you think about it? We’d like to hear your Agently reviews—let us know in the comments!

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