IXACT Contact Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons (2024)

IXACT Contact is a real estate CRM designed to streamline client management, automate tasks, and enhance productivity. No more juggling multiple tools and drowning in paperwork since IXACT Contact brings everything under one roof, making your life as a real estate pro smoother than ever. It’s like having a personal assistant, organizer, and motivator all rolled into one handy platform. I’ll explore IXACT Contact reviews from users along with my breakdown of its top features, usability, customer support, and bang for your buck.

IXACT Contact

  • Free trial available
  • Mobile-friendly IDX agent websites
  • Great for individual or large real estate teams
  • Personalized marketing campaigns
  • Limited customizability of the platform
  • No document management capabilities
  • Unable to segment contacts
  • Added fee for texting capabilities
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General features:
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East of use:
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My Verdict on IXACT Contact & Why You Should Trust It 

As a seasoned writer specializing in real estate technology, I’ve dedicated significant time to researching and evaluating various CRM solutions thoroughly. This scrutiny includes immersing myself in IXACT Contact’s features, functionality, and user experience to provide unbiased IXACT Contact reviews. After meticulous analysis and testing, I can confidently affirm that the IXACT CRM simplifies client organization, automates routine tasks, and amplifies efficiency for real estate professionals.

IXACT Contact dashboard on mobile desktop and tablet.
Dashboard interface (Source: IXACT Contact)

IXACT Contact impresses with its user-friendly interface, comprehensive feature set, and robust customer support. The platform’s ability to centralize essential tools, such as contact management, email marketing, and task automation, offers tangible benefits for agents looking to streamline their workflow and focus more on closing deals. 

Its customizable drip campaigns and personalized marketing capabilities enhance client engagement and conversion rates. Although IXACT Contact may present some challenges, such as an initial learning curve during setup and limited customizability, its numerous strengths overshadow these drawbacks.

IXACT Contact Alternatives

While IXACT Contact offers a comprehensive suite of features, factors such as pricing, integration options, customization capabilities, and scalability may influence the decision to explore other CRM options. By considering alternatives, agents can ensure that they find the CRM solution that best fits their unique business needs and goals.

ProductsWhy It’s a Great AlternativeLearn MoreReady to Purchase?
realvolve logo.Includes text message capabilities for no additional feeRealvolve ReviewVisit Realvolve
pipedrive logo.Has document management capabilitiesPipedrive ReviewVisit Pipedrive
wiseagent logoHas the ability to segment audiences for more streamlined marketingWise Agent ReviewVisit Wise Agent

ProductsWhy It’s a Great AlternativeLearn MoreReady to Purchase?
realvolve logo.Includes text message capabilities for no additional feeRealvolve ReviewVisit Realvolve
pipedrive logo.Has document management capabilitiesPipedrive ReviewVisit Pipedrive
wiseagent logoHas the ability to segment audiences for more streamlined marketingWise Agent ReviewVisit Wise Agent

What Current Users Think of IXACT Contact

IXACT Contact has secured an impressive overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Software Advice, highlighting its excellence as a real estate-focused platform. Users commend its ability to generate leads through building personalized IDX websites and marketing content. Additionally, the mobile application of the CRM has received widespread acclaim for its convenience, allowing users to manage their contacts, tasks, and communications on the go with ease. Here are some positive IXACT Contact reviews from other users: 

I like the ease of use of the many features of IXACT Contact. This system has everything I need to stay on track with my leads, past clients and SOI. I can track my business and IXACT Contact holds me accountable. The monthly e-newsletters are very well written.

There are many features that are designed specifically for real estate; e-mail drip campaigns, transaction timelines, e-mail templates, etc. I don’t have to spend time creating content as it is already at my fingertips.

Love the monthly news letter. Great Canadian content. Love the ease to customize monthly or just let it go out.

While the platform scored high among real estate professionals, some users may have found its lack of intuitiveness to set up and its complexity in operation frustrating.

Not solving anything with Exact. Just acting as a ‘place holder’ of my contacts. Too much work and they make it complicated.

Key Features of IXACT Contact

IXACT Contact integrates a robust CRM with powerful email marketing capabilities. From personalized email marketing campaigns to lead-generating real estate websites, IXACT Contact equips agents with the tools they need to succeed. Let’s delve into some of the key features that make IXACT Contact a top choice for real estate professionals:

Automated Content Curation

The automated content curation feature revolutionizes content management for real estate professionals. It offers a seamless solution for staying informed and effortlessly engaging with clients. This add-on tool utilizes advanced algorithms to scour the web for relevant articles, market insights, and lifestyle content, delivering a curated selection directly to agents’ fingertips. By automating the content discovery process, agents can save valuable time while ensuring they always have valuable information to share with their audience.

Mobile phone showcasing agent contact information and marketing article
Social media article example (Source: IXACT Contact)

Automated Email Marketing

The automated email marketing feature transforms the way agents communicate with their contacts. It empowers real estate professionals to deliver personalized and timely messages with ease. With a comprehensive library of professionally designed templates and drip campaign sequences, agents can create compelling emails that resonate with their audience and drive action. 

Agents will benefit from automated newsletters created and sent on their behalf by the IXACT Contact team. These newsletters feature original content covering the latest real estate news and topics, ensuring that agents effortlessly provide valuable insights to their contacts. By automating email outreach, agents can effectively maintain connections with their contacts and nurture leads, eliminating the need for manual follow-ups and saving valuable time.

Laptop with calendar showing when drop campaigns will be launched
Drip campaign calendar example (Source: IXACT Contact)

Lead Generating Website

The lead-generating websites empower agents to establish a strong online presence and attract leads. They offer a user-friendly platform for showcasing listings, services, and expertise. With customizable templates and drag-and-drop tools, agents can create a professional website that reflects their brand and captures the attention of potential clients. Built-in SEO optimization and lead capture forms ensure that agents’ websites rank high in search results and convert visitors into leads.

Agent real estate website on a monitor
IDX website (Source: IXACT Contact)

CRM Integrations 

The CRM integration feature streamlines workflow and centralizes data. It connects IXACT Contact with essential tools and platforms to enhance efficiency and productivity. Seamless integrations with social media platforms, lead generation websites, and marketing tools ensure that agents can access all the tools they need in one centralized location. Whether syncing contacts, updating listings, or automating tasks, the CRM integration feature enhances agents’ ability to serve clients and grow their businesses effectively.

Icons of available integration vendors
Integration partners (Source: IXACT Contact)

Direct Mail Marketing 

The direct mail marketing feature is a standout in the digital world and offers a personalized and tangible way for agents to connect with their audience. The IXACT Contact team will handle the mailer’s writing, design, printing, and mailing for you. These services reduce the need for agents to spend time and leverage data from predictive analytics companies to create their marketing content.

These mailers allow agents to cut through the digital noise and make a lasting impression on their audience. By combining the power of direct mail with the convenience of automation, the direct mail marketing feature helps agents drive engagement and effectively build relationships with their audience.

Sample newsletter with agent information and sample content with images
Direct mail newsletter (Source: IXACT Contact)

IXACT Contact Pricing

IXACT Contact offers a simple pricing structure that allows agents and teams to choose between monthly or annual payment options. This transparent approach allows users to select the plan that fits their needs and budget without hidden fees or surprises. However, it’s important to note that while the base pricing covers essential features, some of the platform’s more impactful functionalities, like websites and social streams, may require add-on costs.

PlanAgentsTeam Version
Monthly Pricing (Billed Monthly)$55/month$55/month for team leader
$34/month for an additional team member
CRM Tools
Email Marketing
Agent Website
Mobile Application
Website Add-onsStarting at $25/monthStarting at $25/month
Social Stream Add-on$20/month$20/month
Mass Email PurchasesStarting at $10/monthStarting at $10/month
Text MarketingStarting at $5/monthStarting at $5/month
Recruiting Tools$99/month$99/month


At The Close, our dedicated team of data analysts, writers, and editors conducts thorough reviews of each platform, meticulously evaluating various real estate CRMs. Through this rigorous process, we developed a weighted scoring system to assess each CRM comprehensively. Our goal is to provide real estate professionals with a trusted resource to navigate the industry’s complex landscape of solutions and technologies. 

We are committed to furnishing insights that empower agents and brokers to make informed decisions, optimize their workflows, and, ultimately, elevate their productivity and success in the competitive real estate market.

We based our IXACT Contact reviews on the following criteria:

  • Advanced CRM Features 25%
    • This category encompasses more sophisticated functionalities like team management, document management, mobile applications, marketing tools, social media integrations, and available reporting and analytics. 
  • Value for Money 20%
    • We meticulously examined each CRM’s pricing structures, subscription plans, and availability of free trials and bulk discounts.
  • General CRM Features 20%
    • The team considered basic features such as contact management, text and email capabilities, task management, task reminders and notifications, lead management, pipeline or dashboard customizability, audience segmentation, transaction management, and integrations.
    • Ease of Use 10%
    • I assessed the user interface, level of customization, and ease of operation and setup for each CRM.
  • Customer Rating 10%
    • We evaluated the reputation of each real estate CRM software by considering feedback from verified users.
  • Expert Score 10%
    • At The Close, we meticulously review each top real estate CRM, assessing standout features, additional considerations, and the value proposition from the perspective of real estate experts.
  • Help & Support 5%
    • If real estate agents require additional assistance, access to customer services such as live chat, phone support, and email assistance is essential. 

Read more about our methodology here.


The Bottom Line: Is IXACT Contact Worth Your Money? 

IXACT Contact shines like a beacon of efficiency! With features like automated email marketing and beautiful lead-generating websites, it’s like having your personal assistant work tirelessly to streamline client management and boost lead conversions. Add in that the platform is quite affordable, and you have a winning combination that’s hard to beat. 

While IXACT Contact boasts numerous strengths, a few users have pointed out its customization options and initial learning curve limitations. Nonetheless, IXACT Contact presents a compelling suite of features tailored to assist real estate professionals in succeeding, positioning it as a robust option for agents seeking to elevate their business operations.

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