Top 8 Sources for Pay at Closing Real Estate Leads

Pay-at-closing real estate lead companies offer access to potential clients without the upfront costs typically associated with lead generation services. This model is mutually beneficial as agents only pay for leads that result in successful transactions, which minimizes risk and maximizes the return on investment. I’ll explore some of the top companies that offer pay at closing real estate leads while examining their offerings and how real estate professionals can benefit from the services.

The Close’s Top Picks for Real Estate Leads Pay at Closing

Type of SoftwareBest forReferral FeesQualifications Needed
CleverProviding a streamlined platform to receive leads1.5% listing fee ($3,000 minimum)Over five years of experience with great client reviews and extensive market knowledge
Zillow FlexData-driven courses and coaching15%–40% of commissionBy invitation only; but agents must already participate in Zillow premier agent program
HomeLightLeads based on performance history33% of commissionUndisclosed
Agent ProntoReceiving leads via text message25%–35% of commissionUndisclosed
Rocket HomesPrequalified leads1% of estimated home value or 25%24 months of experience and five closed transactions in the last 12 months
UpNestLeveraging technology30% of commissionThree years of experience and six transactions in 12 months
ReferralExchangeAgents in the REALTOR® network35% of commissionThree years of experience, at least 20 transactions, or comparable sales volume within the last 12 months
SOLD.comPerformance-based lead assignmentUndisclosedUndisclosed

Clever: Best for Providing a Streamlined Platform to Receive Leads

clever logo
  • It has no upfront costs.
  • It requires experience to join.
  • It provides qualified leads.
  • It might be unavailable in some geographical areas.
  • It helps increase agent brand awareness.
  • It does not guarantee completed deals.
  • It reduces marketing costs.
  • It is marketed as a discount service to sellers.

Why I Chose Clever

Clever’s commitment to fairness and transparency sets it apart from its competition. The platform doesn’t play favorites based on how much you’re willing to pay. Instead, it considers the quality of service an agent provides and client satisfaction. Clever ensures that leads are vetted, so agents know they’re connecting with serious buyers and sellers ready to make a move. Plus, there is no fee to join the program. 

  • 1.5% listing fee: This fee is lower than many other pay at closing leads platforms. 
  • Qualified leads: Clever obtains all the pertinent information before sharing the lead with agents. 

Fees & Process for Clever 

Clever offers a straightforward and fair fee structure for agents who want real estate leads pay at closing. There are no upfront costs or subscription fees for joining. Instead of charging agents, Clever earns revenue through referral fees from any transaction closed through leads received from the platform. The more satisfied clients an agent serves and the better their reviews, the more business Clever sends their way. 

Agents interested in joining Clever can quickly sign up through the website form to see if they qualify to join the network. It’s a win-win scenario for agents looking to grow their business and establish a strong presence in their community.

💡Room for improvement: One potential drawback of Clever is its requirement for agents to have at least five years of experience. While this ensures a certain level of expertise and professionalism, it can be a barrier for newer agents looking to establish themselves in the market and needing leads to kick-start their business growth. Clever could consider implementing a model that allows smaller deals or offers mentorship opportunities to help agents gain experience while benefiting from the platform’s lead-generation services

Zillow Flex: Best for Data-Driven Courses & Coaching

Zillow Flex Program
  • It can receive lifelong clients.
  • Zillow is owed its fee on the first two transactions with a client within two years of receiving the lead.
  • It is available to agents nationwide.
  • Agents must adhere to stringent performance standards.
  • It is affiliated with a trusted brand in real estate.
  • This can be an extremely costly program to join.
  • There is no upfront cost to participate once
  • It is only available to high-performing agents.

Why I Chose Zillow Flex 

I chose Zillow Flex for agents already participating in the Zillow Premier Agent program because it offers an opportunity with no upfront costs for agents already invested in the platform. Agents invited to join Zillow Flex will have access to over 50 on-demand and ten live, instructor-led Zillow Academy courses. Per Zillow, these courses can help increase an agent’s answer and appointment rate and overall lead conversion. 

  • Geographical area: Agents nationwide can participate in the Zillow Flex program.
  • No upfront costs: Fees are limited to the costs of participating in Zillow Agent Premier. 

Fees & Process for Zillow Flex 

One of Zillow Flex’s many benefits is the pricing tier structure, where the referral fee increases as the transaction price increases. This flexibility ensures that the higher rates are associated with higher commission fees. Agents pay Zillow based on the commission they receive from their side of the transaction, and the rate varies based on market location. Fees range from 15% to 40%. 

💡Room for improvement: Although the program delivers valuable leads, the need to participate in the premier agent program, along with high referral fees, might erode agents’ profits. The 40% referral fees start at properties of $300,000.00 or more, and given that most fees are 3% of the total transaction price, it does leave very little in the agent’s pocket if they also have to split fees with their brokerage. Perhaps there is a cap total fee that Zillow Flex could implement for participating agents. 

HomeLight: Best for Leads Based on Performance History

logo of pay-at-closing lead company, Homelight
  • It has broker-to-broker referrals system.
  • The amount or quality of leads is unknown.
  • Leads are vetted before being shared with the agent.
  • Control over lead received is limited.
  • It is easy to sign up to participate.
  • It may not cover all geographical areas.
  • Both buyer and seller leads are available.
  • It is not ideal for new agents with few transaction history.

Why I Chose HomeLight 

HomeLight is an excellent real estate leads pay at closing platform because of its user-friendly sign-up process and low-risk nature. With HomeLight, there’s no need to worry about upfront costs or financial commitments. Its performance-based lead assignment is particularly beneficial for agents with a long history and extensive experience in the industry. Overall, HomeLight offers an uncomplicated and reliable way for seasoned agents to access valuable leads and grow their businesses.

  • Mobile application: Agents can receive referrals and manage their leads on the go.
  • Exclusive tools: When HomeLight rolls out new tools like sample sale or warm transfer features, agents can access these tools through the mobile application. 

Fees & Process for HomeLight 

Getting started with HomeLight is a breeze with its simple sign-up process. Agents create a profile by signing up and customizing it with their professional achievements. Then, they must sign the referral agreement and update their transaction history to showcase their expertise. There are no upfront costs, and once a transaction closes, they pay the broker the referral rate from their commissions. 

💡Room for improvement: One area for improvement with HomeLight is the transparency surrounding how referrals are assigned and the algorithm’s inner workings. While HomeLight’s referral system matches agents with clients based on expertise and performance history, the platform does not provide insights into the weighting of these factors. Providing agents with more visibility into the lead assignment process could enhance trust and satisfaction among agents using the platform. 

Agent Pronto: Best for Receiving Leads via Text Message

logo of pay-at-closing lead company, agent pronto
  • Leads are prescreened.
  • Agents must keep the platform updated on progress.
  • It receives both buyer and seller leads.
  • Control over leads you received is limited.
  • Agents can submit leads to refer out to other agents.
  • Lead matching details are undisclosed.
  • It is easy to sign up and join.
  • Competition or agents within a geographical market are not shown.

Why I Chose Agent Pronto 

Agent Pronto is a realtor leads pay at closing option that simplifies connecting with prospective clients. With Agent Pronto, agents receive text notifications containing the referral’s first name, city, and estimated sale price or budget. With this information, agents can choose to accept or decline the lead. Overall, agents signing up for Agent Pronto enter a low-risk, low-cost lead generation opportunity. 

  • Simple referral fee: Leads received through text explicitly list the referral rate for accepting that lead, which eliminates the guesswork about how much is owed to Agent Pronto.
  • Terminate the contract at any time: Agents are not locked into a long-term commitment if the platform doesn’t work out. 

Fees & Process for Agent Pronto

Signing up for the Agent Pronto referral programs requires a quick form and signing of the agent agreement. Once signed up, the Agent Pronto team will match you with leads based on profile, production levels, service areas, client preferences, specialties, communication skills, customer ratings, and more. The referral fee for agent pronto is 25%–30% of your commission. 

💡Room for improvement: One area for improvement with Agent Pronto is the lack of guarantee for leads once an agent joins its network. Despite the platform’s emphasis on recruiting high-performing agents, the need to periodically check in on any leads received may deter high performers from joining. Perhaps the provider could leverage technology to streamline this process better if it’s looking to recruit high-performing agents. 

Rocket Homes: Best for Prequalified Leads 

logo of pay-at-closing lead company, Rocket Homes
  • Support is offered to help agents close deals.
  • It increases agent competition among market areas.
  • The lead contact information is verified.
  • It requires the use of Rocket Mortgage for lending.
  • It has a dedicated agent onboarding process.
  • Agents have stringent milestones to meet.
  • The network spans 50 states.

Why I Chose Rocket Homes 

Rocket Homes is affiliated with Rocket Mortgage, America’s largest mortgage lender. As a partner company, Rocket Homes benefits from access to leads from individuals inquiring about mortgages or seeking preapproval. These leads are highly qualified, as they represent individuals who are actively interested in purchasing a home and have already taken steps toward securing financing. By leveraging Rocket Homes, agents can tap into a stream of high-quality leads, increasing their chances of converting inquiries into successful transactions. 

  • Client Central: It has a centralized online location for agents to accept new leads.
  • Exclusive leads: No other agents will get the distributed leads once they accept.

Fees & Process for Rocket Homes 

Signing up for Rocket Homes is easy. You can initiate the process by inquiring on its website or directly contacting the company. After assessing the agent’s qualifications and compatibility, Rocket Homes may request the agent to review and sign an agreement detailing program terms. Once onboarded, agents can expect to receive qualified leads matched to their expertise and location. Fees are 1% of the estimated home value or 25% of the commission. 

💡Room for improvement: Rocket Homes could improve by offering more flexibility when clients decide to move forward with a different lender. Despite the leads generated through Rocket Mortgage, there may be instances where clients choose to pursue financing options with a different lender. Rocket Homes could consider offering agents more flexibility in handling such situations to address this. 

UpNest: Best for Leveraging Technology

upnest logo
  • It provides a mobile application.
  • Lead assignment details are not provided.
  • It assigns a dedicated advisor.
  • Quantity of leads are not guaranteed
  • It is available in all 50 states.
  • Lead quality varies.
  • Clients are prescreened.
  • Agents have little control over getting leads.

Why I Chose UpNest

UpNest takes an innovative approach to lead generation. Leveraging technology sets it apart from other pay-at-closing platforms. One standout feature is the ability for agents to create short greeting videos that allow them to showcase their expertise and personalities effectively. Additionally, agents can highlight their achievements and credentials directly from their own mouths, a personalized touch that can resonate with prospective clients. 

  • Listing toolkit: This feature allows agents to stand out as featured agents and show up higher in search results. 
  • Achievement sharing: Agents can promote their expertise via confidential and personalized proposals. 

Fees & Process for UpNest 

Agents can join UpNest by submitting a request online. Following this, a coordinator from will promptly reach out to discuss the specifics further. Within 24 hours of the discussion, users receive three to five personalized proposals from qualified agents, allowing them to compare and review online. Referral fees to UpNest from closed deals are 30% of the commission. 

💡Room for improvement: UpNest could clarify the criteria for accepting agents into the program based on their real estate background. This transparency regarding the qualifications and standards for agents could help users better understand the caliber of agents they’ll be matched with and make more informed decisions. 

Referral Exchange: Best for Agents in the REALTOR® Network

Referral Exchange logo
  • It provides support seven days a week.
  • Agents are accepted to network on an as-needed basis.
  • Licensed service team nurtures leads on your behalf.
  • Agents must be experienced with leads to start.
  • It offers lead notification through text, phone call, and email.
  • Agents can only join via invite.
  • Proprietary data models match leads to agents.
  • It is not ideal for newer agents.

Why I Chose ReferralExchange

Since ReferralExchange operates as an invite-only platform, joining requires being part of the nationwide REALTOR® referral network. By limiting access to those already within the network, ReferralExchange maintains a high-quality standard and ensures that members possess the necessary credentials and expertise to participate effectively.

  • Lead qualification: All leads are screened and qualified through a proprietary system before being contacted.
  • Expansive network: ReferralExchange has agents across all 50 states.

Fees & Process for ReferralExchange

ReferralExchange operates uniquely compared with most pay-at-closing providers. Initially, it accepts leads from individuals who may lack the capacity to work with them and then refers these leads to its network of agents. Joining this network is exclusive, being invite-only. Once accepted, agents pay a 30% referral fee for each successful transaction.

💡Room for improvement: One potential improvement for ReferralExchange’s referral network could be opening it up to individuals not currently part of the REALTOR® network. By expanding access to a broader pool of real estate professionals, ReferralExchange could tap into new talent and expertise. Best for Performance-based Lead Assignment logo
  • It provides referrals for individual agents or teams.
  • Unknown agent qualification is needed.
  • The sign-up process is easy.
  • Geographic coverage is undisclosed.
  • It can receive both buyer and seller leads.
  • Agent referral fee is not mentioned on the website.
  • It has a dedicated agent portal.
  • You have no control over how many leads you receive.

Why I Chose’s performance-based model is determined by the agent’s success. The more deals an agent closes, the more referrals they will receive. By prioritizing performance, rewards agents who consistently excel and provides them with increased opportunities for growth and success. This approach maximizes an agent’s earning potential and ensures that agents are continuously motivated to deliver the best client results. 

  • Guaranteed Display: Agents can pay an extra fee to increase ranking and exposure on
  • Agent dashboard: This dedicated area lets the agent manage all referrals. 

Fees & Process for

Join the network by completing the sign-up form with the requested information. Your showcase on will then be created. Once signed up, you’ll execute a standard referral agreement outlining the terms, and your profile will be activated. Fees for the program are undisclosed until the agent receives the referral agreement. 

💡Room for improvement: could enhance its transparency regarding the pay at closing real estate leads program. Providing more detailed insights into the criteria used to qualify and match agents with clients could better help its recruiting program. 


Methodology: How I Chose the Best Pay-At-Closing Lead Generator 

Our methodology at The Close is comprehensive in assessing pay-at-closing lead generators. Drawing on the expertise of real estate professionals, writers, and editors, our team conducted extensive research and analysis to evaluate each platform, considering the essential features crucial for agents aiming to thrive in the real estate industry. Through this process, we strive to provide our readers with valuable insights and recommendations to help them identify the most suitable pay-at-closing lead generator for their business needs.

The criteria I used to determine the best pay at closing real estate leads are as follows:

  • Fee structure: Evaluated the fee structure of each platform, including any upfront costs and the percentage or flat fee charged upon successful transactions
  • Lead quality: Assessed the quality of leads provided by each platform, considering factors such as lead source, conversion rates, and client satisfaction
  • Agent support: Examined the level of support and resources offered to agents, including training, marketing materials, and customer service
  • Transparency: Considered the transparency of information provided to agents, including how leads are allocated, fee schedules, and performance metrics
  • Geographic coverage: Reviewed the geographic coverage of each platform to ensure that agents have access to leads in their target markets
  • Agent experience required: Assessed the expertise of agents to join each platform 

Your Take

Pay-at-closing platforms allow agents to receive leads without upfront costs and only pay a fee upon successful transactions. The fees for these services vary and are typically outlined in the agreement upon joining. Leads are allocated and distributed among agents based on location, expertise, and client preferences, ensuring a targeted approach to lead generation.
Pay-at-closing platforms provide agents with a cost-effective way to access leads and grow their business without the financial risks associated with traditional lead-generation methods. However, it’s worth noting that the pay-at-closing platforms should not be your only source of leads because none are guaranteed. It is best practice for agents to still generate their own leads through lead generation websites and personal referrals to succeed.

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