Elevate CRM Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons (2024)

Elevate CRM is a customer relationship manager (hence the CRM in its name) crafted with real estate agents and brokers in mind. It packs a powerful punch with tools that turbocharge marketing, lead generation, and client relationship management. This platform is all about simplifying your daily grind, spicing up client interactions, and boosting your visibility in the competitive market. My Elevate CRM review digs deep into Elevate’s offerings, usability, and how it can impact the hustle of your real estate business.

elevate crm logo
  • Easy key performance indicator (KPI) tracking with a visually appealing dashboard
  • Pricing is not transparent on the website
  • Available document storage
  • No free trial
  • Ideal for both individual agents and teams
  • Agent metrics tracking is only available in the BOSS plan
  • Offers YouTube video tours
  • Choosing the right plan can be tricky due to the variety of options
  • My Verdict on Elevate & Why You Should Trust It 

    As a seasoned writer specializing in real estate technologies, I have spent considerable time researching and interacting with various tools designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of real estate professionals. My experience analyzing and reviewing these platforms allows me to provide insights grounded in industry knowledge and firsthand testing. 

    The Elevate CRM stands out for its all-in-one real estate CRM approach, integrating essential tools for lead gen and extensive back-office support for brokerages. This streamlines operations, reducing the need to juggle multiple vendors and simplifying the management process. One of Elevate’s most commendable features is its robust support for agents. The platform offers free resources, including blogs, webinars, and daily marketing tips, which are invaluable for staying on top of market trends and refining marketing strategies.

    Computer interface showing a quick walkthrough of the Elevate system.
    Elevate at a glance (Source: Elevate)

    While the offerings are comprehensive and the support materials are top-notch, it’s worth noting that the platform’s blog has not been updated since 2022. This outdated content could raise concerns about the freshness of their shared knowledge and ongoing engagement with current trends since technology shifts rapidly. However, the overall utility and functionality of Elevate far outweigh this minor drawback, making it a worthwhile consideration for real estate professionals looking to enhance their operational efficiency and market presence.

    Elevate Alternatives

    Real estate professionals might seek solutions that better fit their needs, budget, or feature preferences when exploring alternatives to Elevate. Some may opt for more cost-effective platforms if Elevate’s pricing exceeds their budget, while others might prefer buying leads or other generation options. Additionally, agents might want customization options that align more closely with particular business models. Here are a few alternatives that could better fit your business: 

    PlatformWhy It’s a Great AlternativeLearn MoreReady to Purchase?
    Lofty CRM logoAvailable Google PPC features for lead generationLofty ReviewVisit Lofty
    wiseagent logoProvides great real estate content to position yourself as a real estate expertWise Agent ReviewVisit Wise Agent
    realvolve logo.A free trial lets agents preview the platform before committing financiallyRealvolve ReviewVisit Realvolve

    PlatformWhy It’s a Great AlternativeLearn MoreReady to Purchase?
    Lofty CRM logoAvailable Google PPC features for lead generationLofty ReviewVisit Lofty
    wiseagent logoProvides great real estate content to position yourself as a real estate expertWise Agent ReviewVisit Wise Agent
    realvolve logo.A free trial lets agents preview the platform before committing financiallyRealvolve ReviewVisit Realvolve

    What Current Users Think of Elevate

    Users who provided an Elevate CRM review showed a mixed response, with the platform earning an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 on G2. While many users praise Elevate for its comprehensive tools and robust features, others point out areas needing improvement, particularly customer support. Such varied Elevate CRM reviews highlight the importance of properly evaluating a platform to better understand its functionality and suitability for different real estate business needs.


    Visually attractive interface, the tools panel is easy to access and understand, easy to implement, the technical support is trained to deal with any inconvenience that may arise.


    The ability to post to all my social media accounts at one time. Saves me time and has boosted my on-line profiles.


    I love that my listings and status are updated for me.

    Despite Elevate’s overall functionality, some users have expressed dissatisfaction, specifically with the customer support aspect. Let’s take a closer look at one such review to understand the concerns raised regarding the responsiveness and effectiveness of the support team.


    No support. I have an account manager that will not contact me. Billing has attempted to get him to call. I have left messages. It’s been a month worth of trying and he will not make contact. It’s a joke.

    Key Features of Elevate

    Elevate offers a wide array of features designed to streamline and enhance the day-to-day operations of real estate professionals. They offer specific social media tools that enable seamless management of multiple platforms, ensuring that agents and brokers can maximize their online engagement and reach. These tools include automated posting, content curation, and detailed analytics to track the effectiveness of each campaign. 

    Dive deeper into Elevate’s capabilities by watching their video walk-through below:

    Overview of Elevate (Source: YouTube)

    Free Educational Guides 

    Elevate is committed to the continuous professional development of real estate agents by offering a comprehensive library of free educational guides. These resources cover crucial aspects of the real estate business, from the basics of property listing to advanced strategies for market analysis and client acquisition. The guides are accessible and beneficial for agents with all levels of expertise, providing them with the knowledge to stay ahead in a highly competitive industry. 

    Screenshot of free guides available for download
    Free educational guides (Source: Elevate)

    SEO-ready IDX Website 

    Real estate professionals can significantly enhance their online presence with a search engine optimized (SEO)-ready IDX website, a standout feature that integrates smoothly with multiple listing services (MLS). This integration ensures that property listings are consistently up to date and easily searchable by potential clients for better online lead generation. Optimized for search engines from the start, these websites help increase organic search rankings and drive more traffic.

    Screenshot of a IDX website with search bar over a photo of a home
    IDX website (Source: Elevate)

    Live Training Webinars 

    Recognizing the dynamic nature of the real estate market, Elevate offers live training webinars that enable real estate professionals to stay current with the latest industry trends and technologies. These webinars are conducted by seasoned experts who bring knowledge and practical insights. Topics range from effective marketing techniques to product overviews. This live format not only allows for real-time interaction and engagement but also provides an opportunity for agents to ask questions and gain insights tailored to their specific challenges and market conditions.

    Screenshot of live training topics with registration button
    Live training webinars (Source: Elevate)

    Automated Social Media Marketing 

    Elevate’s automated social media marketing tools eliminate the hassle of managing social media profiles. By automating the process of social media content creation and scheduling, these tools help real estate agents maintain a strong and engaging online presence with minimal effort. The platform supports scheduling posts, analyzing engagement metrics, and optimizing content based on performance insights. These features allow agents to effectively reach their target audience, engage with potential clients, and build their brand across various social platforms.

    Screenshot of social media post with caption and photo of couple looking back at a home in distance
    Social media post example (Source: Elevate)

    GCI Tracking 

    With Elevate’s gross commission income (GCI) tracking feature, agents can easily monitor and analyze their commission earnings. This tool provides detailed insights into each transaction, helping agents understand where their income comes from and how they can optimize their sales strategies for increased profitability. It also supports goal setting and progress monitoring, enabling agents to plan their financial objectives and track their achievements over time.

    Screenshot of Elevate dashboard with sales data displayed
    Dashboard with GCI tracking (Source: Software Advice)

    Elevate Pricing

    Elevate CRM offers a range of pricing plans designed to accommodate real estate professionals’ diverse needs and budgets. Each plan provides different levels of access to the platform’s extensive features, from basic tools necessary for new agents to advanced functionalities suited for large brokerages. 

    If you’re still wondering, “How much does Elevate cost?” pricing details are not transparent on Elevate’s website. The platform encourages agents and brokers to schedule a demo. This approach allows potential users to explore the features firsthand and discuss tailored pricing plans directly with the Elevate team. This extra attention ensures that each user can find a suitable package that aligns with their business needs and budget while clearly understanding the platform’s capabilities and benefits.

    Chart showing Elevate plans and accompanying features for each plan
    Elevate product comparison (Source: Elevate)


    At The Close, our team of skilled data analysts, seasoned writers, and meticulous editors collaboratively develops a comprehensive scoring system to evaluate various real estate CRM platforms. Our experts are devoted to delivering detailed reviews that serve as vital resources for real estate professionals. These evaluations are crucial in helping navigate the complex solutions and technologies available in the real estate industry.

    Motivated by a deep commitment to advancing the field, we aim to provide insights that empower agents and brokers to make informed decisions, optimize their workflows, and enhance their overall success and competitiveness in the bustling real estate market.

    How we provided the Elevate CRM review: 

    • Advanced CRM Features 
      • This category includes sophisticated functionalities such as team management tools, document handling, mobile apps, enhanced marketing tools, social media integrations, and comprehensive reporting and analytics.
    • Value for Money 
      • We meticulously examined each CRM’s pricing structures, subscription plans, and availability of free trials and bulk discounts.
    • General CRM Features 
      • The team considered basic features such as contact management, text and email capabilities, task management, task reminders and notifications, lead management, pipeline or dashboard customizability, audience segmentation, transaction management, and integrations.
    • Ease of Use 
      • I assessed the user interface, level of customization, and ease of operation and setup for each CRM.
    • Customer Rating 
      • The reputation of each real estate CRM software was evaluated by considering feedback from verified users.
    • Expert Score 
      • At The Close, we meticulously review each top real estate CRM, assessing standout features, additional considerations, and the value proposition from the perspective of real estate experts.
    • Help & Support 
      • If real estate agents require additional assistance, access to customer services such as live chat, phone support, and email assistance is essential. 

    Read more about our methodology here.


    Bottom Line: Is Elevate Worth Your Money? 

    Elevate packs a punch with its dynamic suite of features tailored for the bustling world of real estate. From slick social media management to top-notch automated marketing and cutting-edge lead generation strategies, Elevate is designed to supercharge your online presence, simplify your daily grind, and build lasting client relationships. Plus, the cherry on top? A treasure trove of educational goodies like free webinars and guides to keep your skills sharp and your knowledge fresh.

    However, it’s not all smooth sailing with Elevate. The platform’s pricing can be elusive, and the assortment of plans might leave potential users puzzled as they determine the best option for their needs. Additionally, navigating the feature set can feel like wandering through a labyrinth. But if you’re geared up to harness a robust system to streamline your operations and amplify your marketing endeavors, then Elevate could indeed be your golden ticket.

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