US diplomat in Haiti resigns over Biden administration policies


In May, the Biden administration extended temporary protection status to 150,000 Haitians already living in the United States. Two months later, the order was again extended for Haitians in the United States by July 29. But tens of thousands of other Haitians have attempted to cross to the United States since then, despite not qualifying for the program.

The Biden administration, facing the highest level of border crossings in decades, has implemented policies aimed at slowing their entry.

“We are very concerned that Haitians who use this irregular migration route are receiving false information that the border is open or that temporary protection status is available,” Alejandro N. Mayorkas told reporters on Monday. the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. in Del Río. “I want to make sure people know this is not the way to come to America.”

Yet thousands of Haitian migrants have been allowed to enter the country and will wait for their case to go through the pending immigration court system.

For the most part, the authorities only deport single people. Families with young children and pregnant women, for example, are generally allowed to enter and be released, in some cases with a surveillance device, according to officials familiar with the operations who spoke on condition of anonymity because ‘they were not allowed to speak publicly about the issue.

Mr. Foote has reportedly been pushing for increased oversight and accountability in his envoy work to Haiti, efforts which were rejected by senior State Department officials. Department spokesman Ned Price said on Thursday that some of the proposals put forward, including by Mr. Foote, “were determined to undermine our commitment to promoting democracy in Haiti and were rejected over the course of the year. political process “.

“No idea is ignored, but not all ideas are good ideas,” Mr. Price said. He was responding to Mr. Foote’s assertion in his resignation letter that his recommendations had been “ignored and rejected”.


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