Urgent IRA warning for U.S. retirees not to delay funding savings balance

Americans have received an urgent warning from the IRA not to delay funding their savings balance.

It comes as retired Americans who depend on Social Security benefits as their primary source of income are potentially losing nearly $ 500 per month.


Find ways to maximize your monthly checksCredit: Getty Images – Getty

You can maximize your monthly checks if you are one of the many who depend on these benefits for your retirement income.

Why do we rely on the benefits?

According to the Social Security Administration, about 50 percent of married retirees rely on their benefits for half of their income, and a quarter of couples look for their monthly checks to make up the majority of their retirement money.

Between the struggle to save money and few eligible for pensions, retirees rely on Social Security benefits for income.

Look for ways to maximize your monthly checks that won’t cost you a lot, as there would be a Social Security move that could end up costing hundreds of dollars a month.

Impact of age on your benefits

Your salary throughout your career determines the amount of your benefits.

The more money you earn and the longer you work, this affects the amount of monthly benefits you are entitled to.

You must wait until full retirement age (FRA) to start claiming your full benefit amount.

People born before 1960 have an FRA of 66 or 66 and a few months determined by your year of birth and those born in 1960 or later have an FRA of 67.

If you apply earlier than your FRA, your benefit amount will be reduced each month by up to 30 percent if you apply as early as possible at age 62.

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When to apply for your benefits

Social Security benefits provide almost the same amount of money no matter when you claim them, so there is no right or wrong age.

You will receive smaller checks over the course of your life if you apply early, but you will receive fewer and larger checks if you delay your benefits.

Another factor is the amount of money you have in your retirement fund, which could determine when you want to claim your benefits.

If you rely on your benefits for a substantial portion of your income or want to maintain the security of your funds, you may decide to wait to claim so that you can receive more per month.

Alternatively, you can apply for your benefits earlier if you have a plentiful retirement fund or want to spend more time in retirement as a priority.

The final decision is based on your personal preferences and what you would like to prioritize in your life.

You must wait until your full retirement age (FRA) to start claiming


You must wait until your full retirement age (FRA) to start claimingCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Why it’s important to maximize your benefits

The key is to maximize your Social Security benefits and look for ways to increase your retirement income.

Most retirees overlook “social security secrets,” like a hack that could net you up to $ 17,166 each year.

There are a bunch of hidden tricks out there that could boost your retirement funds and give you a sense of satisfaction.

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