Topeka City Council discusses uses of US bailout money

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Topeka City Council has started its discussion on how the city can use its more than $ 45 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) money.

Projects are grouped into several categories, including public health emergency response, loss of income, and water and sewage infrastructure.

City manager Brent Trout said residents should see a difference with funding.

“When I look at them, these projects are all potentially good for the city,” he said.

“It all depends on the priorities in which of these projects is the most important, we have a list of projects and it really comes down to determining which are the best projects to do. “

Proposals for using the funding include compensating for lost tourism dollars in NOTO, adding a mental health professional to the Topeka Police Department, replacing city hall ventilation systems, and assistance with basic COVID needs.

Trout said the spending guidelines for ARPA funds support some of the suggestions.

“You look at the regulations in place as to how the funding can be spent and that tells you if any of these projects are eligible,” he said.

“We look at that when you look at the impact on neighborhoods for individuals, so you can look at affordable housing as an option. “

He hopes residents will see the money put to good use.

“They will potentially see a number of projects happening in their neighborhoods and see the list of things available to them and help them if they have an impact related to COVID,” he said.

“This is how they will see the impact of this use of funding.

Consult the list of possible projects that could be funded: List of ARPA funding projects (draft) – October 1, 2021.

Trout encourages anyone with suggestions or comments to email him or a member of city council.

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