SpaceX Inspiration4 astronauts to receive health check after release

When astronauts return to Earth from space, they can experience a number of health and physical issues after landing – the result of life without gravity.

For flights that last up to six months, astronauts may experience balance difficulties, muscle weakness and cardiovascular deconditioning, according to Nasa. Although the Inspiration4 flight only lasted three days, the four returning astronauts will also receive a health check.

It is not clear exactly what this medical screening might consist of. Health researchers working with Inspiration4 said astronauts had to perform experiments to assess their sense of balance – standing without swaying and moving between sitting and standing positions.

They will also perform a series of tests measuring their cognitive performance – the same they performed before takeoff and each during orbit.

A Overview of NASA medical requirements from the days when astronauts flew on space shuttles gives an idea of ​​what doctors look for in astronauts returning from shorter flights in space.

For flights that last less than 30 days, doctors examine the astronauts’ vital signs and look for neurological issues as well as chest and lung issues.

Headaches, dizziness, dizziness, and a feeling of weakness are some of the neurological symptoms doctors look for in astronauts.

Returning astronauts’ eye functions are also checked, and they are asked to perform a series of tasks including: touching their nose, getting up from a chair, lifting one leg and jumping, walking in a straight line and then turning. , and a heel-toe step.

If doctors observe enough problems, they may decide that an astronaut needs further testing.

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