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Siemens Digital Industries Software, the automation and digitization arm of global tech giant Siemens AG, headquartered in the US in Plano, has launched its Xcelerator as a service, an initiative that the company says will lay the groundwork for foundations of a new digital future.

The company claims that XaaS will provide organizations with access to tools, features, and compute resources, depending on their needs and needs. The solutions are both flexible and personalized, says Siemens, allowing individual users to shape their own workspace.

An essential element is maximum and instantaneous productivity.

XaaS is new to Siemens, but software as a service is not: the company recently laid the groundwork for cloud native for a move to SaaS through a series of internal developments and acquisitions.

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In June, President and CEO Tony Hemmelgarn, the Siemens Board of Directors and the management team announced the transition of the Siemens Digital Industries Software business to a SaaS model.

Much of this used the cloud to make Siemens solutions more accessible, flexible and scalable. Siemens believes that “the future of industry is in the cloud”.

The company rethought the way its technology generated value for customers was fundamental to this retooling. One of the keys is the previously introduced Xcelerator portfolio, a combination of engineering software, services and an application development platform.

XaaS is an extension of Xcelerator; a way for Siemens to “continue to implement this strategy”.

Behind the Xcelerator wallet

Xcelerator combines the broadest and deepest technologies in the industry to make digital transformation dreams of industrial customers come true, says Siemens. When Xcelerator was first introduced in 2019, Siemens used it to help businesses of all sizes become digital businesses.

The “digital twin” enables product and process optimization

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Using digital feeds, Xcelerator enables product design and manufacture, while ensuring that data is accessible when and where it’s needed. For example, a complete digital twin enables companies to optimize their products and processes throughout the lifecycle, from creation to production and service.

Siemens Digital Industries Software is expanding rapidly and is currently recruiting for 500 jobs in the United States, 50 for vacancies in Texas.

Driving this growth is the growing need to improve processes, designs and simulations by applying a full digital twin to make things work better. Digital twin technology can accelerate innovations and successfully manage the complexities of heavy equipment design, production, performance and durability.

Siemens says it’s the only company that can offer the toolset, domain knowledge and user expertise to deliver a digital twin the way manufacturers need.

XaaS will make the Xcelerator wallet more accessible and to a wider community. Manufacturing companies will have access to high performance computing anytime, anywhere, on any device.

The cloud eliminates the need for high-performance hardware or in-house computing. Teamcenter X is a cloud native solution that is part of XaaS.

XaaS applications

At the heart of Xaas is the ability to “make new things possible for many types of businesses”.

Siemens notes a number of use cases for Xcelerator as a service.

An automotive startup that wants to bring its concept to the market could leverage XaaS for product development without needing the IT infrastructure to support it. That’s because XaaS offers access to the same set of tools that major manufacturing companies use to create complete digital twins.

Or, XaaS could help a multinational automaker increase collaboration in its global supply chain.

“Do you need to integrate a new supplier because they have a breakthrough innovation? Share the data you need, in a controlled and secure manner, by simply entering their email address and letting the app handle the rest, ”says Siemens. “Need to collaborate with your suppliers on the other side of the planet, in virtual reality, with data from other CAD systems? Strap on that helmet and let’s get to work.

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  • The headquarters of Siemens Digital Industries Software are recruiting like gangbusters. Siemens CFO Timo Nentwich, who moved from Berlin to Dallas last October, says the company has gone beyond designing airplanes and cars, to analyzing the entire manufacturing process. “Not many people know that we are running a large operation like this from the Plano office,” said the CFO.

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