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Red Bull Battle, the world’s leading Spanish freestyle competition, has provided a fundamental hub for this ever-expanding art form while advancing hip-hop from its traditional American and Caribbean roots to the global stage. Next Saturday (September 18), more than a dozen of the country’s top competitors, who hope to have the opportunity to advance to the World Finals in December, will face each other verbally in Los Angeles for the chance to represent America. against the best in the world.

A few weeks ago, Hip-Hop Wired had the pleasure of meeting Spanish freestyle artists Dilema, JAYCO, Jordi, Adonys and 2020 American champion Yartzi, with each rapper graciously giving their time to explain their different styles and angles of attack. in competition. . Each of these seasoned lyricists displayed both an overwhelming sense of humility, but also the bravado one would expect from people who study and practice the craft.

The 2021 Red Bull Batalla US Finals will place more than a dozen national qualifiers winners in a one-on-one battle format, the winner will face the champion in upcoming events in Peru, Spain, Dominican Republic, in Argentia and Ecuador in their respective country championships, then move forward to the world finals in Chile.

Hip-Hop Wired has had the privilege of getting quotes from Spanish freestyle contenders Red Bull Batalla, and we’ll feature a handful of their comments below.

“It means a lot to me because I’ve been watching Red Bull Batalla De Los Gallos since I was a kid. It feels good to be among the best freestylers in the USA. I asked my other colleagues on the road ahead, and they told me to make the most of it as much as possible, ”shared Adoyns, from New York.

The talented El Dilema shared a sentiment similar to that of his New York counterpart Adoyns, adding that his goal was to “Superarme a mi mismo en cada batalla (outdo me in every battle).” “

Texas MC Cuban said, “I know it’s a tough process and there are a lot of ups and downs. There is a lot of learning to be done and mistakes that cannot be repeated. If we are all here, it is because we have all deserved it and we are all looking forward to the big day. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and for someone with a past like mine, I can’t afford to miss my point.

Eckonn of Orlando, Fla. Also has the same laser focus as his fellow freestyle rappers saying, “This is an opportunity to hoist my Venezuelan flag in the world’s biggest freestyle event. Throughout this process, discipline has been by my side all the time. Representing my country is an honor, so I will take it with the seriousness it deserves.

The gruff-voiced JAYCO, also from New York, is also proud of his craft.

“I am very happy to have qualified. I see it as a serious commitment to the Latin freestyle movement in the United States, ”explained JAYCO.

“Battles are the gateways to the world of international music, for independent artists where rap is their main product,” Puerto Rican competitor LinkOne said. “Participating in Los Gallos is one of the most important forms of positioning within this industry around the world. It opened many doors to many artists who participated in this event.

OG Frases, battle tested in Miami, said, “It’s a great accomplishment. I was able to participate in the 3 national championships of Batalla which took place in the United States and as we say in Spanish: “La Tercera es la vencida (“ The third is the charm ”). “

The Houston GIO clearly understands the mission as it explained in its statement.

“For me, it’s about improving the work that has been done in hip-hop culture with these battles here in the US. It is very important to be part of the elite freestyle scene, to keep pushing until you can represent the scene where you come from until you become one of the best in the world ”, GIO said.

Tune in this Saturday (September 18) at 4 p.m. PT / 7 p.m. ET on Red Bull TV via and hosted by Serko Fu and Jenn Morel. with Frank “The Doctor” and Letty Set Go. Music for the event will be Del Alma.

The full list of competitors can be viewed below. Good luck to everyone.






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