Rachel Maddow Reaches Deal to Stay at MSNBC Despite Plans to Exit / LGBTQ Nation

Rachel MaddowPhoto: Art Steiber / NBCUniversal

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has reportedly accepted a new contract, which means she will stay with the cable network after much speculation she was considering leaving her 13-year-old on-air home.

Just over a week ago, executives were scrambling to find a way to hold Maddow back, as negotiations with his newly hired agents became “heated” that many thought the veteran journalist could initiate. Now, they’ve reportedly struck a “multi-year” deal that will keep Maddow at MSNBC until 2023 when she turns 50.

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Initiated first signaled the agreement and Variety, the Daily beast and several other media report that sources confirmed the news to them, although the network declined to comment further and no official announcement was made.

Sources said Maddow’s contract would allow him to pursue new projects with NBCUniversal, MSNBC’s parent company, in addition to hosting his daily weekday show. “This uniquely positions Rachel and MSNBC to capitalize on the rapidly changing and growing media landscape for years to come,” one said at Daily beast.

The Rachel Maddow Show is currently, and always has been, the best show in the 9 p.m. EST time slot among MSNBC’s cable competitors, including Cuomo Prime Time to CNN and Hannity at Fox News.

The show is also huge for MSNBC results. In 2020, even after the pandemic ravaged advertising, advertising slots for Maddow still bought over $ 66 million on his own.

Maddow has hosted his eponymous show since 2008. Its appeal has always been its in-depth nuanced reporting on the competition’s tendency to rely on guests and talking heads to discuss current events.

She rose to the top during the Trump administration when she avoided covering up and repeating the former president’s inflammatory remarks in favor of a review of what the administration was actually doing while Trump distracted everyone.

But Maddow has also stretched out, undertaking several books, podcasts, and special cover events, among other projects. She has already expressed a desire to spend more time with his wife. The two women live in Massachusetts, and Maddow commutes to work in New York every day.

The Daily beast reported that if she leaves, Maddow is unlikely to switch to another network. Instead, it would expand its reach to online media, specials, and podcasts.

Earlier this year, MSNBC signed an extraordinary deal with our election season correspondent and sensation Steve Kornacki, which anchors him in the company until 2025, paying him in the “multi-million dollar” range.

The new deal places Kornacki firmly on the NBCUniversal squad for each election night until the 2024 presidential election. The company has also agreed to expand Kornacki’s coverage functions outside of political events, allowing him to participate in NBC Sports coverage of the Olympics and horse races, among others.

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