Queens Gunfire catches cops in Crossfire; Nobody Knocked – NBC New York

Bullets flying in broad daylight Saturday afternoon nearly hit two NYPD officers on patrol in a corner of Queens not far from a community park.

Surveillance video shows officers at the corner of Beach 66th Street and Beach Channel Drive, just south of Rockaway Beach, springing into action after realizing they were caught in the crossfire.

A female officer is seen running for cover, while her partner pulls out his gun and nearly trips over the fire hydrant.

Another angle of the video shows two figures walking on the beach at 66th Street, stepping out of the camera’s line of sight, then running away after gunfire.

Law enforcement at the scene said they believed the two individuals were firing diagonally at another group hanging outside a grocery store and not targeting police.

Anthony Henderson mistook the gunshots for firecrackers until he saw police closing the street.

“They do nothing but try to watch over us, putting their lives on the line every day,” Henderson said.

An innocent bystander walking the block is seen on video hiding for cover as he realizes he too is caught in the crossfire.

The NYPD said one of the officers was taken to hospital for ringing in the ear, but no one was injured by the gunfire.

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