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A potential security issue caused an emergency landing at LaGuardia Airport and led to police taking one of the plane’s passengers into custody for questioning, federal and airline officials confirmed on Saturday.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed the safe landing of Republic Airlines Flight 4817 at Queens Airport at around 3 p.m. following a “security incident”. All 80 passengers and crew disembarked the aircraft onto the taxiway without incident.

The plane made an emergency landing after passengers reported suspicious behavior from someone on the flight, a spokesperson for the Port Authority said. A senior law enforcement official briefed on the incident said the passenger was unruly and, when confronted with the flight crew, allegedly suggested he had a device on board the plane .

The pilot of the plane radioed an emergency and prepared those in charge to intervene after the flight landed. According to the FAA, Flight 4817 left Indianapolis at around 1 p.m. bound for LaGuardia.

Several videos posted on social media as the plane landed showed a significant emergency response from local fire and police units.

There was no indication of a substantial threat to the plane or the passengers and flight crew, officials said. Authorities have since swept the plane and cleaned the scene of any potential threats.

The passenger was taken into custody for questioning.

Video captured by a passenger and shared with NBC News shows firefighters dealing with a person lying face down on the taxiway.

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