New York City Workers’ Vaccination Mandate Deadline Comes; Officials brace for possible shortage of first responders – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The vaccination mandate deadline for all workers in New York City to get vaccinated is now in effect.

The deadline was Friday 5 p.m. This means that starting Monday, employees who haven’t received at least one hit will be put on unpaid leave.

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Yet union leaders are fighting back.

As CBS2’s Aundrea Cline-Thomas reports, the city-run COVID vaccination site in Times Square was busier than usual on Friday as the term deadline loomed for city workers.

“As we reach this deadline, we are going to see a lot of what we have seen with the Ministry of Education, with Health + Hospitals, that people do what is necessary and get vaccinated,” he said. declared.

Thousands of shots have been administered in the past 24 hours alone.

The FDNY saw its vaccination rate increase by 5% in one day. The NYPD is at 84%, up from 80% on Friday morning. The EMS is at 84%, against 77%. The Sanitation Ministry saw the biggest jump, now at 76% from 67%.

Those who do not comply will be put on unpaid leave, but there is a loophole.

“We have a very growing population of vaccinated NYPD members. We also have a fairly large population of people who have lodged, ”said NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea.

Those who have requested sanitary and religious accommodations will continue to work and perform testing until their request is reviewed, which in some cases could simply save more time.


Yet departments are finalizing their contingency plans to deal with a possible shortage of first responders.

“Everything will be fine,” Shea said Friday morning. “The first step would be the reassignment of personnel who generally do not perform patrol duties can be integrated into it.”

The commissioner said police forces would also temporarily suspend training to release additional bodies.

As the Police Benevolent Association filed on Thursday to overturn a judge’s rule allowing the warrant to go forward, nearly 1,000 other officers were affected.

“A little better position today than a week ago, let’s say,” said Shea.

As CBS2’s John Dias reports, the chief of Local 2507, which represents uniformed paramedics, paramedics and fire inspectors, said he was proud of his workers, pointing out that they were the first lowest paid stakeholders.

“It was difficult for them to get vaccinated. Most of them have two jobs. Sometimes they work overtime all week to survive, ”said Oren Barzilay, President of Local 2507.“ They always work in tough times, and they get by. “

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Among the first responders, firefighters are among the most resilient. Thousands of people demonstrated outside the Gracie Mansion on Thursday.

On Friday, a group of firefighters on duty were suspended for allegedly threatening the staff of State Senator Zellnor Myrie to protest the vaccine’s mandate.

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“Although this is not the storming of the Capitol, we all have reason to be concerned when those charged with protecting us take the liberty of going to an elected official’s office and ‘offer veiled and … an explicit threat of harm,’ he added. said Myrie.

The senator calls what happened in his Brooklyn office on Friday morning a shameful display of disagreement, shocked that serving members of Ladder 113’s FDNY in Crown Heights, who are relied on as heroes, had the hearts of harass its staff.

“I asked my staff where I personally live and followed this investigation with a statement that blood was on our hands,” Myrie said.

While Myrie’s office has nothing to do with the town’s vaccination mandate, he believes the threats made against his staff were to protest the rule.

In a statement, Fire Marshal Daniel Nigro said: “This is a highly inappropriate act”, adding that those involved “will face disciplinary action”.

They were immediately suspended.

“I am talking to the senator at the end of this press conference. I asked for his number. I would love to hear from him, and if an apology has to be made, it absolutely will be, ”Uniformed Firefighters Association president Andrew Ansboro said on Friday afternoon.

Myrie has said he will not take any legal action, but he understands that more disciplinary action could be taken against the firefighters.

As CBS2’s Jessica Layton reports, unions representing firefighters continue to insist that they are not anti-vaccine, but they are anti-mandate.

“We can’t even keep the fire stations open today. New York City will go into crisis Monday morning. Response times are going to skyrocket, ”Ansboro said.

New York City Councilor Joe Borelli said five fire stations in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan had already been closed on Friday for understaffing.

CBS2 has been informed that some firefighters are going on medical leave, which has led to companies being temporarily out of service.

Responding to this, Nigro said: “The excessive sick leave of a group of our firefighters due to their anger at the vaccination mandate is unacceptable, contrary to their oaths to serve and may endanger the lives of New Brunswickers. -Yorkais. “

The FDNY plans to operate some fire stations on a limited basis, about 100 fewer ambulance visits per day.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has said she will send state resources if needed.

“Whatever their needs, we’re going to make sure the city’s residents are protected. But also, vaccination rates must increase, ”she told CBS2.

Canceling trainings and using overtime are just some of the ways the city plans to cover possible staff shortages on Monday when the app begins, but compliance peaks at the eleventh hour, de Blasio says. , makes some of these contingencies unnecessary.

“They can use overtime. They can turn to private entities for help if they need it, ”said de Blasio. “We are confident that we have the tools we need right now. “

Vaccination sites will be open over the weekend for those who wish to be vaccinated at the last minute.

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John Dias and Jessica Layton of CBS2 contributed to this report.

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