More than 200,000 Americans sent direct payments worth $170 in the mail. Does the money reach you?

MORE THAN 240,000 checks were sent last weekend to low-income households.

This was the second payment sent to Connecticut residents in the past two months.


Over 240,000 payments have been sentCredit: Getty

A total of $42 million was mailed Friday and Saturday through the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit Enhancement Program (EITCEP).

The amount each person received varied depending on their taxes, but the average payment was around $170.

The payments were funded by the Coronavirus Pandemic Emergency Relief which has been earmarked specifically for these families, reports The CT Mirror.

Last year, the Department of Revenue issued 247,655 checks to Connecticut households earning less than $57,414.

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Earlier this year, the state also sent child tax credit payments of up to $750.

Eligibility for Payments

The EITCEP offers 41.5% of the federal credit, compared to 23% in the past.

Mr. Lamont approved the changes last year to provide low-to-moderate income families and individuals with a bigger refund.

The amount you receive depends on your income, your marital status and the number of children you have.

The EITCEP closely mirrors the federal earned income tax credit program.

You must file a tax return and earn less than $57,414 to qualify for both programs.

More money across the country

Several states are offering cash to residents amid record inflation.

More than $2 million in Covid funds are being used to fund one-time payments of $1,000 who are designated as low-income people in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Applications opened Oct. 25 at 8 a.m. and residents must earn less than $50,000 to qualify for the money.

Only Americans who live in Takoma Park are eligible to apply for the aid, and funds will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Residents of Sonoma County, California can apply for monthly payments of $500 for two years.

Residents can visit to submit their applications until Monday, October 31.

The two-year pilot program will benefit 305 low-income families in Sonoma County.

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See if you qualify for an $850 payout that will be released soon.

Take a look at the 12 states offering parent payments to see if you qualify.

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