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UN announces $40 million in humanitarian aid

The United Nations (UN) has announced $40 million in humanitarian aid to help Ukraine’s “most vulnerable” as steps are taken to address a growing concern over global food insecurity during the war.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Monday announced additional funding of $40 million from the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund. The United Nations and its humanitarian partners continue to provide assistance and ensure safe passage for Ukrainians fleeing besieged areas.

“This funding will help bring essential supplies of food, water, medicine and other life-saving aid to the country, as well as provide cash assistance to those in need,” said António Guterres.

António Guterres warned of skyrocketing food and fuel prices during the war, particularly affecting developing countries already struggling with inflation amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Russia and Ukraine supply half of the world’s sunflower oil supply and around 30% of the world’s wheat, António Guterres said. In response to growing concern, he announced on Monday the creation of a Global Crisis Response Group on Food, Energy and Finance within the UN Secretariat.

“This war goes far beyond Ukraine,” he said. “Food, fuel and fertilizer prices are skyrocketing. Supply chains are being disrupted. All of this is hitting the poorest hardest and sowing the seeds of political instability and unrest around the world. “

Guterres says he has been in “close contact” with a number of leaders who are in constant contact with Russian President Vladimir Putin. These countries include China, France, Germany, India, Israel and Turkey. The Secretary-General described the talks as “essential” to end the war and achieve “serious” negotiations.

“Ukraine is on fire and being decimated before the eyes of the world,” he said.

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