How you can save money as gas prices continue to climb in Connecticut – NBC Connecticut

Drivers in the state of Connecticut have shock stickers at gas pumps.

People pay anywhere from $ 3.50 for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in South Windsor to $ 3.99 in New Haven.

“It’s definitely a bit ridiculous for the average person to have to spend over $ 40 to $ 50,” said Geovonnie Ogiovie, a driver from North Haven.

“It’s a little ridiculous,” said Michael Vaiciunas, an East Haven pilot.

Vaiciunas is a personal shopper, so he is on the road every day to pick up orders and deliver them to your doorstep.

He says he’ll drive slower, which is advice the AAA has for drivers. Drive the speed limit and avoid those quick starts, according to Tracy Noble, AAA spokesperson for Greater Hartford.

AAA also suggests that people look for the lowest gasoline prices, which Vaiciunas and his friend also do.

“Sometimes if we find one in North Haven that’s a little cheaper we’ll go there, but sometimes if there’s West Haven that’s cheaper it will turn around,” Vaiciunas said.

AAA also suggests that drivers read their car’s gas cap or manual, as most cars can use regular unleaded gasoline and drivers can save money instead of buying a blend. more expensive.

Paying cash when possible can also save you a dollar or two at many gas stations across the state.

According to the AAA map, Litchfield and New Haven counties have the cheapest gas, while Fairfield and New London counties have the most.

The reason is the price of crude oil.

“Crude oil again closed above $ 80 a barrel on Friday and that’s the biggest cost driver we’re seeing at the pump,” Noble said.

The price of crude oil is so high because President Joe Biden no longer allows oil drilling on federal lands. The United States must therefore resort to purchasing crude oil from foreign sources and shipping it here is more expensive, according to Michael Fox, director of Gasoline and Automotive Service Dealers of America.

Monday’s average for a gallon of regular unleaded in Connecticut was $ 3.53. This is $ 1.40 more than a year ago when the price of crude oil was below $ 40 a barrel.

AAA said prices are starting to stabilize, which could be a good sign, but with the holidays in sight, increased demand could push prices up again.

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