How supply chain issues are mostly to blame – NBC Connecticut


It still happens. Toilet paper aisles – sold out. Store shelves – empty. Panic buying is back.

Some stores already have limits on items. Costco limits purchases of toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies.

But the Delta variant isn’t the only factor behind this; there are some pretty big supply chain issues.

Costco, for example, is struggling to find the trucks, drivers and shipping containers needed to get the items to stores and an expert tells us these supply chain issues are impacting industries at all. levels.

“Behind the scenes, we’re seeing material shortages, labor issues, all over the United States and overseas. It’s getting pretty prevalent. And it’s actually becoming a compound factor,” Jeffrey said. Rossi, of the accounting firm CohnReznick.

Rossi said he’s seen everything from local deli to aerospace. He said the auto industry is particularly affected.

With continued shortages, some dealers are even doing “IO-Us”. This means that they sell cars to people, but those customers will actually go back for the missing parts.

The main problem for all sectors is the supply of raw materials as the pandemic has slowed down almost all ports of entry. So this is probably going to mean a hit in your wallet.

Rossi said there is no need to panic to buy, you have to be prepared as a consumer.

“If you’ve got your eye on something, maybe buy a little earlier than originally planned. If the supply is available, the early bird will catch the worm,” Rossi said.

He said that to combat this problem, more and more manufacturers are starting to obtain materials for their products here in the United States.


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