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The Frontier League and Northern Athletic Conference wrestling seasons have hit the mat this week in hopes of finishing the season.

Beaver River hosted Indian River on Tuesday night in the Frontier League’s first double encounter since the end of the 2019-20 season. Two NAC games kick off the Section 10 season tonight.

Last year’s schedule was one of many shattered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The coaches are delighted to finally be able to resume the games that matter.

“It’s great and long overdue,” said Carthage coach Don Dorchester. “Just being able to go to someone else’s gym and compete against other competitors is a great feeling.”

There was wrestling in high school during the 2020-21 school year, but they were more like modified encounters where wrestlers were matched against each other based on their abilities. It at least allowed the wrestlers to spend some time on the mat.

“At least we got something last year,” Dorchester said.

Some wrestlers decided to go to weekend tournaments during the last wrestling season. There was even a version of the New York State tournament held in April in Manheim, PA. Governor’s Carter Baer won the title at 160 pounds while Indian River’s Aiden Poe (fourth, 170) and Alex Booth (fifth, 126) each won the top five. .

The 2020 NYSPHSAA wrestling tournament was one of the last winter championships to take place before high school sports were canceled due to the pandemic. The plan is to move forward with a full season that includes weekend tournaments statewide.

“At this point, we care about what we can control,” Dorchester said. “I don’t think we take anything for granted.

The main concern, however, is trying to navigate this slate while a global pandemic is underway. Competitors should always wear masks like other indoor winter sports like basketball and volleyball.

“Last year they tasted it, so it’s not even an afterthought,” Dorchester said.

The schedule has already been affected as the prestigious Eastern States Championship which takes place in early January at Sullivan Community College in Loch Sheldrake has been canceled due to concerns over COVID-19 and the likely increase in cases due to of the holiday season. The tournament brings together the best wrestlers from New York, Pennsylvania and other states to prepare for each state’s respective tournaments.

Losing this tournament can make it more difficult to rank Section and State tournaments. Cancellation can prevent some one-on-one clashes that are often used to assess wrestlers for future clashes.

Indian River and Carthage will look to go head-to-head for the Frontier League “A” Division title while General Brown will seek to be one of the top teams in the “B” Division. But many teams are starting from scratch due to the lack of a 2020-21 season.

This is also the first year with new weight classes, as the state has gone from 15 to 13. The new weights are 102, 110, 118, 126, 132, 138, 145, 152, 160, 172, 189, 215 and 285 lbs. .

“We want to make the doubles more competitive,” state wrestling coordinator Marty Sherman said on the NYSPHSAA website, which noted a statewide trend of teams. winners on the mat, but losing games because of forfeits. “We felt it was the right time. Pennsylvania went (from 14) to 13 classes this year, and we felt the same.


2021 report: No double encounter.

2019-20 review: 13-2, 7-1

Listing: Ethan Chaney (Sr., 138), Frank Downing (Sr., 126), Alexandria Stewart (Sr., 126), James Gibbons (Jr., 189), Thomas Kennedy (Jr., 215), Dylan Kolk (Jr. , 145), Avry Lagasse (Jr., 172), Jacob Monaghan (Jr., 285), Chris Rumschlag (Jr., 145), Hunter Sanderson (Jr., 189), Landon Copley (So., 110), Ayden Downing (So., 110), Brogan Fielding (So., 132), Josh Harris (So., 126), Ashton Montgomery (So., 126), Logan Munn (So., 126), Corey Murphy (So., 172), Ajay Parker (So., 132), Shaun Simpson (So., 126), Shay Sinitiere (So., 126), Gage Babcock (Fr., 189), Austyn Baker (Fr., 189), Kamdyn Dorchester (Fr., 285), Nazareth Elmore (Fr., 152), Brady Hancock (Fr., 215), Damien Ketchum (Fr., 102), Kodi Kolk (Fr., 145), William Welter, (Fr., 118), Ryan Munn (Fr., 108), Tyson Schimer (Fr., 108)

2021 report: No double encounter.

2019-20 review: 15-1, 8-0.

Listing: Alex Booth (Sr., 145), Gabe Lynch (Sr., 172), Hayden Matice (Sr., 285), Aiden Poe (Sr.), Jake Whitmore (Sr., 285), Jared Cook (Jr., 285 ), Davin Dewaine (Jr., 285), Manuel Gonzales (Jr., 145), Grayson Poland (Jr., 152), Kenneth Trumble (Jr., 285), Caleb Welser (Jr., 126), Michael Ashley ( So., 132), Dylan Bartlett (So., 145), Randy Davis (So., 285), Tomah Gummow (So., 118), Brady Lynch (So., 145), Emeory Sayre (So., 285) , Joshua Busanet (Fr., 152), Joseph Chaney (Fr., 102), Jack Countryman (Fr., 126), Jacob Harris (Fr., 285), Logan Matice (Fr., 118), Feliz Mejia (Fr. .,., 132), Aaliyah Petttaway (Fr., 118), Odyssdeus Springer (Fr., 138), Anakin Stinnett (Fr., 132), Gabriel Whiting (8th, 108).

2021 report: No double encounter.

Listing: Jalen Goodmen (Sr., 132), Schyler Lanmark (Sr., 132), Jack Lavin (Sr., 189), Cain Roberts (Sr., 215), Lyndon Briggs (Jr.), Jack Clough (Jr., 172 ), Tyvon Johnson (Jr., 152), Cyrus Bowman (Al.), Christopher Harris (Al., 215), Julius Jackson (Al., 132), Antonio Marzano (Al., 152), Trent Smith (Al. , 215), Calvin Benavides (Fr., 126), Brennon Briggs (Fr.), Aydin Bryan (Fr.), Christian Dunne (Fr., 145), Ethan Fleshman (Fr., 126), Talon Galloway (Fr. , 145), Michal Pytlovany (Fr., 189), Michael Roberts (Fr., 172), Logan Wilson (Fr., 285), Michael Ducote (8th, 138).

2021 report: No double encounter

2019-20 review: 13-6, 4-4

Listing: Justin Dickinson (Sr.), Jonah Mullin (Sr., 145), Trevor Waugh (Sr., 118), Connor Everson (Jr., 160), Seth Garrison (Jr., 145), Lydia Kloster (Jr., 118) ), Andrew Chartrand (So., 145), Cole Walseman (So., 152), Dylan Buckingham (Fr., 138), Collin Walseman (Fr.), Derek Walseman (Fr., 102), Loghan Cardinell (8th) .

Golden Knights of Copenhagen

2021 report: No double encounter.

Listing: Chase Aubin (Sr.), Maxwell Larsen (Sr.), Lauren Hoyt (Jr., 138), Henry Loeffler (Jr., 189), Dylan Petrie (Jr.), Chase Nevills (So.), TJ O’Connor (So., 138), Todd Bowen (Fr., 138), Waylon Cassal (Fr., 120), Brent Chase (Fr., 215), Colton Czadzeck (Fr., 189), Kaiden Dick (Fr.), Cameron Fritts (Fr. 182), Noah Lapointe (Fr., 182), Jeconiah Pawlowski (Fr., 126), David Pitt (Fr., 118), Max Sharf (Fr., 285), Creighton Williams (Fr., 145), Brenin Dempsey (Fr., 145).

2021 report: No double encounter.

2019-20 review: 13-3, 6-2.

Listing: Trent Alguire (Sr.), Riley Goodwin (Sr., 145), Brandon Jewett (Sr.), David O’Neil (Sr., 145), Nick Rogers (Sr., 285), Brayden Ryan (Sr., 132 ), Nathan Snow (Sr., 152), Dylan Sykes (Sr.), Cael Buckley (Jr., 172), John Chamberlain (Jr., 152), Sheamus Devine (Jr., 189), Ashton Heath (Jr. ), Chase Kampnich (Jr.), Kyler Kovalik-Derrigo (Jr.), Ryan Mcmanman (Jr., 138), Mason Slater (Jr.), Luke Degriselles (So., 152), Dylan Munk (So., 132 ), Luke Secreti (So.), Nahjeed Abel (Fr., 102), Alex Dean (Fr., 160), Hayden Hayes (Fr.), Tristan Jarvie (Fr., 145), Hayden Moody (Fr.), Ryan Oliver (Fr., 110), Deacon Rollins (Fr., 126), Austin Smith (Fr.), Zoey Jewett (8th, 102).

2021 report: No double encounter.

2019-20 review: 5-15, 3-5.

Listing: Isaiah Biro (Sr., 145), Cobyn Fleming (Sr., 215), Isaac Aubel (Jr., 215), Dawson Cole (Jr., 145), Keegan Crenshaw (Jr., 215), Ryley Hanno (Jr. , 172), Ryan Larkins (Jr., 285), Landen Moshier (Jr., 138), Alex Farney (So., 285), Sean Kelly (So., 189), Lathan Kilbourn (So., 160), Braxton Peters (So., 138), Conner Sullivan (So., 215), Patrick Grimsey (Fr., 126), Camden Malbouf (Fr., 172), Keagan Ontiveros (Fr., 132).

South Jefferson / Sandy Creek Spartans

2021 report: No double encounter.

2019-20 review: 7-3, 5-3.

Listing: Nate Alford (Sr., 285), Aaron Briones-Cooper (Sr., 152), Derrick Sciarabba (Sr.), Chase Lawton (Jr., 126), Reegan Macklen (Jr., 189), Lucas Bertram (So. ), Joel Boulio (So., 138), Lucas Edgar (So., 138), Jack Mangan (So.), Ryley Monica (So., 160), Landon Porter (So., 126), Colton Quinta (So. , 172), Carter Tamblin (So.), Richie Williams (So., 138), Connor Davis (Fr., 126), Matthew Grimshaw (Fr.), Ethan Monroe (Fr., 285), Sawyer Moore (Fr. ), Kingston Sprague (Fr., 132), Brock Frederick (8th, 102), Jonathan Paradis (8th, 118).

2021 report: No double encounter.

2019-20 review: 6-16, 1-7.

Listing: Owen Highers (Sr., 172), Aiden Highers (Jr., 172), Domenic Malott (Jr.), Dublin Moore (Jr., 152), Michael Moore (Jr.), David Williams (Jr., 172), Ivan Branagan (So., 152), Isaac Gibson (So., 172), Steven Kirkbride (So., 145), Matthew Marks (So., 172), Jaden Morczek (Fr., 145).

Coaches: Dylan Morrison, Mike Haycook.

Roster: Conner Clifford (Fr.), Michael Cogdill (Jr.), Noah Curry (Jr.), Nicholas Grainger (Fr.), Kaleb Hamilton (Sr.), Konner Hamilton (So.), Jack Joyce (So.) , Kegan LaPage (Fr.), Nicholas Locy (Jr.), Leland Mock (Fr.), Charlie Rossner (So.), Graham Rozler (Fr.), Cade Saiff (Sr.), Ezra Williams (Jr.).

Roster: Carter Baer (Sr.), Cyler Baer (7th), Gaige Butterfield (Sr.), Drew Gates (So.), Zoe Griffith (Fr.), James Hayden (Jr.), Charles LaRue (So.), Hunter Mashaw (So.), Ryan Mashaw (8th), James Minckler (8th), Travis Montone (Jr.), Turner Sochia (Fr.), Vincent Thomas (So.), Trayton Tupper (Sr.), Gabe Wainwright ( Sr.), Vandavian Way (So.).

Coaches: Mike Botto, William Trombley, Scott Dumas.

List: Cayden Carter (Jr.), Jiovanni Chambers (Jr.), Isaac Crump (Jr.), Brody Fountain (Sr.), Lucas Martin (Sr.), Brian Nolette (Jr.), Ethan Peck (Jr.) , Logan Robideau (Jr.), Barshier Robinson (Jr.), Brodie Smythe (Jr.), Chase White (So.).

List: Jayden Avery (So.), Rocco Ferriero (Sr.), Evan Foster (So.), Roy Gamble (Jr.), Xander Gordon (Jr.), Liam Green (Jr.), Colden Hardy (Jr.) , Corey Jarrett (Fr.), Nolan Jenson (So.), Jonathan Jones (Jr.), Thomas Murray III (Fr.), Noah Park (Jr.), Nathan Rourke (Sr.).

Roster: Ashtyn Amo (Fr.), Adam Calton (Sr.), Romen Cooksey (So.), JC DeGroat (Jr.), Will Demers (Fr.), Robert Downey (Jr.), Archie Green (Jr.) , Christopher Rodrigues (So.), Marko Skamperle (So.), Brayden Wall (Jr.), Kierce Whitney (Fr.).

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