Goldman Sachs Mission Statement | Vision | Core values ​​| Analysis

Company: Goldman Sachs Group
CEO: David Michael Salomon
Year of foundation:
The head office:
New York
number of employees:
Stock symbol:
Market capitalization (September 2021):
$112 billion
Annual revenue (2021):
$59.34 billion
Profit | Net revenue (2021):
$21.64 billion

Products: Investment Banking ǀ Consumer & Wealth Management | Asset Management Research
Competitors: The Blackstone Group | Lazards | Morgan Stanley | JPMorgan Chase | Jefferies | Wells Fargo | american bank | Bank of America

Did you know? Goldman Sachs bank is the 10th largest asset manager competing with different commercial banking systems.

Goldman Sachs is a multinational investment bank in New York, providing financial services worldwide. Founded in 1869 by the Goldman Sachs group, the world bank is a leading investment bank and management company offering a variety of services. The bank has a diverse and substantial customer base, including financial institutions, corporations, individuals and government enterprises.

The multinational bank draws a deep understanding of the clients it serves from a solid background in corporate and personal banking. Since its inception, the bank has been committed to providing reliable services and financial assistance.

Goldman Sachs annual revenue is $59.34 billion

Goldman Sachs Mission Statement

“Goldman Sachs’ mission is to advance sustainable economic growth and financial opportunity around the world.”

Goldman Sachs company mission statement consists in putting its expertise and skills at the service of people. The bank presents its objectives to become a financial and investment leader in the banking sector. Critical elements of the Goldman Sachs mission statement include;

Analysis of Goldman Sachs mission statement

  • Ensuring economic growth

The first element of its mission statement indicates Goldman Sachs’ goal to advance the development and growth of its clients. For 150 years, the company has worked hard to help leading entrepreneurs, institutions, and businesses secure financial opportunities.

The statement also outlines how the bank is mobilizing technology, ideas, culture and people to advance customer success. The primary ambition of the bank is to increase economic progress and broaden the horizon of individual prosperity.

Goldman Sachs emphasizes the importance of providing services and products that can meet customer needs and demands through its mission statement. To ensure maximum financial opportunities and assistance, the bank operates through comprehensive segments such as banking, investment management and institutional services for the customers. Lending and investing are some of the bank’s other leading services that help people and help them improve their lives.

  • Promote progressive growth

Providing sustainable growth opportunities for businesses and clients is the motto of Goldman Sachs. The mission statement demonstrates the bank’s goal of striving for success by emphasizing teamwork and leading-edge technologies and systems.

Since the beginning of its activities, the bank has shown its commitment to gradual growth to have a long-term impact on people’s lives and the development of institutions.

Goldman Sachs Vision/Objective Statement

“We are mobilizing our people and our resources to drive the success of our customers, expand individual prosperity and accelerate economic progress for all. »

Like its mission statement, Goldman Sachs vision statement/purpose expresses its desire to provide financial freedom to all.

The purpose of the bank of key components is to:

  • Use resources to ensure success

The bank considers that each client is equally important and ensures that it is given maximum attention. This direct approach of the leading bank sets it apart from other financial institutions. It also allows the bank to adopt effective strategies to boost customer business to successful growth.

  • Bring financial prosperity

Goldman Sachs understands the relationship between prosperous economic growth and the financial industry. The bank hints in its vision statement that it plays an important role in accelerating or accelerating financial inclusion.

It offers financial offers to help businesses and individuals understand the importance of having access to a secure financial system.

To promote financial prosperity, Goldman Sachs supports several state programs to establish a dedicated advocacy group to encourage people to be financially aware and build a relationship to build loyalty.

Goldman Sachs Core Values

Goldman Sachs is focused on creating a culture that enables everyone to grow and excel. The main core values ​​of the bank are innovation, excellence, integrity and teamwork. All of these values ​​promote a distinct culture in the company and play an important role in positioning it as an industry leader. Additionally, the bank’s core value is helping it create lasting relationships with its customers around the world.

here is a fundamental value analysis from Goldman Sachs.

  • Impeccable customer service

The renowned bank’s first core value focuses on providing excellent customer service. The company leads with a unique service mindset that enables it to anticipate and respond to client and customer needs by providing innovative and thoughtful solutions.

Goldman Sachs makes excellence part of its values. The company aspires to nothing less than brilliance and consistency to deliver exceptional performance and deliver exceptional results for customers, businesses and shareholders.

Like the other two values, integrity is a crucial characteristic that the bank wants to see in its workforce. She believes that only an honest culture holds employees and teams accountable to high ethical standards and ensures people are vigilant and transparent.

Additionally, this value encourages teams to learn from their mistakes and experiences to make decisions that help them instill a sense of pride and purpose within the company.

Goldman Sachs has always been passionate about building long-term relationships with clients and customers by earning their trust. This is why it places long-term partnerships as one of its core values ​​to encourage teams and employees to build a lasting bond with customers.

The bank prioritizes diversity and collaboration to create a culture that supports unity, teamwork, inclusivity and an empire-building mindset to achieve personal and professional excellence .

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