Global Select Cities and their Data and Digital Strategies Benchmarking Report 2021 – Cities with a well-structured digital strategy will be able to significantly improve livability –

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A city’s digital strategy includes, among other things, the availability of real-time data, integrated APIs, advanced analytical capabilities and the appointment of a dedicated Chief Digital Officer (CDO). This aspect is equally important in determining the scale and speed of digitization initiatives in a city.

Digitization is the basis for the expansion of new technologies and services, new mobility solutions and smart applications in urban management. Its field of action extends to the digital performance and digital strategy of a city. In terms of digital performance, this measures a city’s performance in terms of smartphone penetration, 4G coverage and speed, 5G outlook, data security measures and innovation profile.

Southeast Asian cities are leading the pack as governments are more proactive in implementing digital solutions and collaborating with private actors and the general public to innovate solutions that address common challenges. European cities, such as London, Helsinki and Amsterdam, follow closely, as they have well-defined digital strategies and implementation timelines.

Although U.S. cities, such as Austin and New York, have the infrastructure in place (e.g. 5G networks and open data portals), they are slightly slower to implement digital solutions compared to other cities analyzed in this research service.

Cities should start migrating to smart digital systems that can give them a view of the whole city on one screen. They should follow the lead of Seoul and Singapore in putting in place the necessary infrastructure – smart traffic systems, smart street lighting, waste management systems and open data portals – to create a smart digital ecosystem. They should bring together citizens, the private sector and research institutes to collaboratively develop technological solutions that can improve livability.

ICT and automotive solution providers should focus on working more closely with various stakeholders, including municipal governments, to develop a highly scalable and robust smart urban mobility operating system that can converge , process and provide intelligence that will ensure transparent operations.

Traditional industries, including automotive and transportation, are expected to capitalize on digital technologies and develop more platform-based business models. Big data, crowdsourcing platforms, connected devices and AI will shape the future mobility of goods and passengers.

Key topics covered

1. Strategic imperatives

  • Why is it harder and harder to grow taller?

  • The Strategic Data Imperative and the Digital Strategy of Smart Cities

  • The impact of the strategic imperative on data and the digital strategy of smart cities

  • Growth opportunities fuel the growth pipeline engine

2. Analysis of growth opportunities, data and digital strategy of key cities

  • Digital solution at the heart of the transformation of a smart city

  • What is a data-driven digital city?

  • Evolution of urban data platforms

  • Key requirements of the digital city

  • Internet and smartphone fundamental to the sustainability of digital platforms

  • The Chief Digital Officer holds the key to the creation of a digital city

  • 5G digital deployment and key agencies

  • City’s open data strategies and applications

  • Integration into prepayment systems is crucial to launch smart connected mobility solutions

  • Smart Cities Data and Digital Strategy – Benchmarking

  • Scope of the analysis

  • Growth engines for data and the digital strategy of smart cities

  • Growth constraints for digital and data strategies

3. Data and London’s digital strategy

  • Overview of the City of London

  • London Digital Strategy

  • London data store

  • London data store real-time applications

  • London – Towards the construction of a mobility operating system

  • London – Emerging Technologies Charter

4. Data and Digital Strategy of Paris

  • Overview of the city of Paris

  • Parisian digital strategy

  • Paris Datastore

  • Real-time applications of Open Data Paris

  • Paris – Towards the construction of an operating system for mobility

5. Zurich data and digital strategy

  • Overview of the city of Zurich

  • Zurich – Key digital initiatives

  • Zurich – Initiatives for the digital city

  • Virtual Zurich – Digital Twin, 3D model of the city

6. Helsinki data and digital strategy

  • Overview of the city of Helsinki

  • Helsinki City Data Strategy

  • Helsinki – Becoming a city as a data hub

  • 3D and virtual Helsinki

7. Amsterdam data and digital strategy

  • Amsterdam city overview

  • Smart city of Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam Open Data

  • Amsterdam Smart City – Digital City

  • Smart City of Amsterdam – Smart Mobility

8. Data and the New York Digital Strategy

  • Overview of New York City

  • New York – Open Data Platform

  • New York City Digitization Movement – Digital Office

  • New York Intelligent Mobility Operating System

  • New York – Smart city with smart infrastructure

  • New York City – 3D Model

9. Austin’s data and digital strategy

  • Austin City Overview

  • Austin digital strategy

  • Austin – Digital Initiatives for Smart Cities

  • Austin Digitization Movement

  • Austin Smart Mobility operating system, a case study

10. Seoul data and digital strategy

  • Seoul city overview

  • Seoul Smart City Platform

  • Seoul Open Data Square

  • Seoul – Transformation into a smart city

11. Singapore data and digital strategy

  • Singapore city overview

  • Singapore Smart Nation – Open Data Sources and Platform

  • Singapore Digitization Movement – Singapore Digital Office

  • Singapore – National digital strategic projects and milestones

  • Singapore’s Intelligent Mobility Operating System – A Case Study

  • Singapore Smart City with Smart Homes

  • Virtual Singapore, a 3D model

12. Hong Kong Data and Digital Strategy

  • Hong Kong city overview

  • Hong Kong Smart City Blue Print

  • Hong Kong Smart City Blue Print – Smart Living

  • Hong Kong Smart City Blue Print – Smart Government

  • Hong Kong Smart City Blue Print – Smart Economy

  • Hong Kong City – 3D City Map

13. Universe of growth opportunities

  • Growth opportunity 1 – Advanced technologies and smart solutions: a must to enable the smart mobility of the future

  • Growth Opportunity 2 – Smart City Management Systems: The Future Operating Platform for Cities

  • Growth Opportunity 3 – Cities begin to build the stepping stones to move towards a self-reliant future

14. Next steps

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