Ghislaine Maxwell on Suicide Watch ahead of New York sentencing in Jeffrey Epstein Confidante case – NBC New York

Former Jeffrey Epstein confidante and convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell was placed on suicide watch Friday and remained there Monday ahead of her scheduled sentencing in the federal case.

Maxwell’s attorney wrote in court Saturday that Maxwell had been removed from general population at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, with his normal clothes and legal papers, and placed on suicide watch.

Bobbi Sternheim wrote that Maxwell had been given a “suicide gown” to wear and asserted, in bold print in her letter, that Maxwell “is not suicidal”.

Sternheim told the court that she was considering asking for a postponement of sentencing because Maxwell could not review the necessary legal documents, according to the legal documents.

In response, prosecutors wrote to the court on Sunday saying Maxwell herself emailed the Bureau of Prison’s Inspector General (IG) on Friday saying she feared for her safety. They wrote, “Apparently, the defendant told the IG that she feared that MDC personnel might threaten her safety.”

Prosecutors say it is prison policy that when inmates are at increased risk of self-harm and raise a security concern, they are put on suicide watch. At least two other inmates have recently gone through the same protocol, they added.

“Although the defendant affirmed to the psychology staff that she was not suicidal, she refused to answer questions from the psychology staff regarding the threat she reported to the IG,” prosecutors wrote. , according to the documents.

“Given the accused’s inconsistent accounts to IG and psychology staff, the Chief Psychologist believes that the accused poses an additional risk of self-harm, as it appears she may be attempting to be transferred to a single cell where she can self-harm,” they continued.

Judge Alison Nathan says she called the jail and spoke directly to the warden, who confirmed Maxwell had access to his legal documents and a “writing tool”.

Epstein was charged before Maxwell in July 2019 and died by suicide on August 10, 2019, while awaiting trial at another federal prison in Manhattan.

Maxwell’s sentencing is scheduled for Tuesday morning in federal court.

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