Covid news, live updates today: Omicron symptoms, treatment shortages, quarantine, vaccines, flurona, Ihu strain … | January 7

Covid Omicron headlines:

Almost one in five hospitals in the United States report “criticalstaff shortage as Omicron settles in.

Hospitals start to report shortages critical treatments for covid-19.

– What do experts say about nasal swab vs. throat swab with rapid tests?

– A group of American doctors calls the CDC to “Confusing” Isolation Guide

– The test positivity rate reached 22 percent in the United States, well above the five percent recommended by health experts

Omicron spreads in major Indian cities but hospitalizations remain low

– The pediatric hospitalization rate is worrying because covid-19 spreads in children, many of whom are not vaccinated.

– CDC Advisory Panel in favor of Pfizer vaccine booster for 12 to 15 year olds

– One in 15 people had covid-19 in England the last week of December, UK Office for National Statistics says

Hong Kong bans flights from eight countries including the US, Canada, UK and Australia

Information and useful links:

– What is the incubation period for the Omicron variant?

– Can I know which variant I have with a PCR test?

– What are the symptoms of Omicron in children?

For information on national and international public health:

– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

– The World Health Organization

– The Lancet

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