Autopsies moved as New York medical examiner was unvaccinated – NBC New York

A county in upstate New York is being forced to send human bodies to a hospital 50 miles away for autopsies because its prominent medical examiner has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, county officials say.

Rensselaer County on Friday moved autopsies to Glens Falls Hospital from the Albany Medical Center Hospital, which requires everyone working there to be vaccinated, Richard Crist, county operations manager, told the Times Union.

County medical examiner Dr Michael Sikirica performed the county autopsies at the Albany hospital. Although Sikirica does not work at this hospital, all doctors who provide services there must be vaccinated, said Matt Markham, a spokesperson for the hospital.

Sikirica, who area prosecutors rely on to testify in murder trials and performs autopsies for several counties, asked Crist questions when contacted at his Waterford office on Friday by The Times Union.

Schenectady County District Attorney Robert Carney said Sikirica told him he expected to be able to perform autopsies at Glens Falls hospital.

A spokesperson for the Glens Falls hospital could not be reached for comment on the hospital’s vaccination policy, the newspaper reported.

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