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When does the loan at pay off?

This lender is distinguished by a wide age criterion. It can be borrowed by very young people (even those who have just turned 18) and seniors at the right age (the upper limit is 80 years). It is enough that such people have stable, documented income, have no negative credit history and are characterized by an appropriate financial situation. Banks and other loan companies often refuse to provide loans to very young and older people. At, they have an open way to submit an application. is an excellent alternative to a bank loan.– those people who can not get a loan from the bank have a chance here, for example, because of too young age or lack of a contract of employment. Requirements are lower, the creditworthiness is also not very high. It is easier to get an installment loan. However, it must be remembered that it will be more expensive than a bank loan.

The offer of this lender can also be used by people who need a small amount of cash, but prefer to spread it into installments that are convenient to pay off. 1000 PLN is easier to give away in 10 installments than a month, as it happens in the case of payday loans. also pays off to customers – it will be easier to get a loan because they are regular customers.

The pros of the loan at

Each offer has it’s stronger as well as weaker sides. An objective assessment consists of distinguishing one and the other. Thanks to this, the potential borrower will be able to decide whether he wants to submit an application at or not. For one, this offer will be more favorable, for others a bit less. If you think that the list of advantages and disadvantages of this lender should be extended, please let us know. We are happy to add your experience with to it.


  • high upper age limit,
  • low lower age limit,
  • a wide range of cash for which you can apply (PLN 1000 – PLN 10,000)
  • three methods of cash withdrawal (on the account, GIRO check, Blue Cash transfer),
  • high creditworthiness,
  • quick decision,
  • no hidden costs,
  • very low installments.
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